Endasia: The Official Guide

Endasia is a magical world filled with magical inhabitants. This is your official guide to all things Endasia; it's territories, it's creatures, and it's magic


5. Animals & Prologue

The creatures of Endasia differ from its animals. The deciding factor is that animals are not usually capable of endasian speech. Many creatures in Endasia are that of the human world. In ancient times, animals traveled through Arch Laygates into Endasia, and through the magical travel, gained many powerful abilities. Many traditional human animals have cross breed with endasia animals, creating entirely new species. It is said that some animals are even gifted with the elements, creating strange and beautiful mixes.


Some Endasian Animals:


FireFox: Fire foxes have the appearance of a human fox, but contain fire magic. You can usually spot them by their flaming fire resistant tails and their glowing amber eyes.

Pegasus: Magical flying horse with a variety of wings.

Unicorn: A magical horse with a horn capable of the most powerful healing magic.

Dragons: Powerful, well defended, lizard-like, scaly creatures coming in a variety of sizes. These rare animals are capable of flight, fire magic, and in certain cases, water magic.

Aryllis: Has the appearance of a normal cat, but has a poisonous bite that can kill a creature within 24 hours.

Lava Snake Serpent: A small, scaly creature which resides at bottoms of lakes, near hot underwater volcanoes. The touch of it’s fiery hot scales, even underwater, can create a painful burn. Most mermaids avoid these animals.

Firehare: A hare with the ability to catch fire when threatened.

Just as it is in the human world, Endasia has it’s own variety of unlikely heroes. Our recent heroes include four friends, Alexandrea Silverheart, Hunter Leemonox, Skylark Konrad, and Crystal Lunar. Their adventures take place within the 19th century of Endasia. It is probably important to know that due to the surplus of magic, endasia does not use electricity like the human world, nor does Endasia have any complex machines. Endasia is a simple world based on magic and all that it entails.

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