Endasia: The Official Guide

Endasia is a magical world filled with magical inhabitants. This is your official guide to all things Endasia; it's territories, it's creatures, and it's magic


1. Endasia & It's History

Have you ever dreamed of a magical world, not so far from your own? Well there is one that exists, and It is called Endasia. This is your official guide to everything Endasia.


Endasia (  N Daz E ah )


The history of Endasia is just as important as the facts, so before we begin, I will give you a summary of Endasia’s great history.


Endasia’s time is measured same to that of the human world, in years, being that both worlds were created exactly at the beginning of time.

Almost 2000 years ago, great darkness and war covered and pilfered Endasia. No one was safe. Many, fearing for their lives, became part of the largest Endasia to the Human World migration ever. Meanwhile, the territories (Especially the main three at the time: Belfast, ElfHaven, and Borge) were continually battling for more land. Then it came one day, in the middle of time, that Endasia’s sole sun split in two. Everyone was overjoyed by the great, new, twin light. The battle was won over Borge, and it’s cruel king was ejected from the throne. Still, the smaller territories continued to battle, Nemerak against Airist (Now Aether), and a troubling civil war in the underwater kingdom of Undine. Very often, passersby would see streams running with the shimmering blood of magical sea creatures, their silky bodies washed upon the shore.

After 30 years of peace for the main kingdoms and the continual repressing of the other battling territories, the considerably new second sun shattered. No one really knew what happened, but a terrible peace fell over the land, all it’s creatures mourning the death of their newly birthed sun.

The night after the sun broke, night dwelling creatures were awed by the new light that illuminated the sky, along with the ever present moon. The millions of shattered pieces from the broken sun had fallen across the sky, casting a new glow on dark land. The native Endasians called these shards stars. All were awed by their beauty, but many were still lost in the ever present sense of death the sun’s splitting had caused.

Three Days after the dreaded splitting, several young creatures, one of each of the main breeds woke to see the the second sun replaced in the sky, both lights glowing brighter than ever. They ran to tell their parents, who would not believe them until they themselves opened their windows to the new enlightened world all around them. All were delighted. The civil wars of the sea people ceased and the battling territories called for peace. Airist was renamed Aether, It’s people, the carriers, now a peace loving breed, no longer the angry, rebellious creatures of the past. Nemerak pulled away from the other territories, now shrouded in secrecy and uninvolved.

    The second sun lit a bright path for the future of Endasia. Too soon though, certain territories fell into despair. Borge was now a crowded, dirty place of poverty and underground networks. Belfast took to harsher paths of ruling and Nemerak became dry and barren, except for the feared inhabitants of the Assassin's nest in the Thieves forest.    

    Endasia has changed greatly, mostly for the better, since the appearance of the second sun. Peace has enveloped the land and it’s peoples were no longer at war with one another for reasons lost long ago. Now the only fear the Endasian’s really have is: How long will it last?

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