Started Off as Nobodies

The identical Mina and Matthew Henderson moved to each city in fame. Not everybody saw a set of twins before in their whole life. They were well known at each school they went to, and at everyone- they discovered more about themselves than what they never knew was possible.


2. Chapter Two

Every year, the Henderson's would move through out the country, since Mr. Henderson always had to travel. His twin children never had the knack on making friends. Around middle school years, they were knows as the double dummies. Mina, more stupid than a nickel, and Matthew, the local butterfingers, always had thought that their twin life was nothing more than a jinx that made them a tragedy to be near. With every wish wanting to be better, nothing changed.

Clearly that took an opposite turn. Once they walked through high school doors, they wanted to do the things they never could have done-actually be good at regular things in life. It's a normal thing for a person to not do well in school, a normal person could always improve by gradually getting better. The thing is, they never shown progress. It's as if they were granted powers to not suck. By so, they never made friends so when people soon made their way into their newly cool life, they were terribly awkward. To their advantage, everybody loved their awkwardness.

It would be typical if they turned into the snob twins but the were very modest and never looked down on others. Mina would be categorized with the populars if she were to be a snob, but is with the dorks instead. She wasn't necessary a geek or nerd, although she was one of the smartest, she was a dork because she loved movies, books, and random knowledge that went with her vocabulary when ever she talked. Mina showered herself with characters from TV shows and books and became a fan of everything. She wasn't just book smart, she was internet smart.

Matthew, prefers Matt, is probably the only quarterback in the history of quarterbacks to not have a girlfriend. Personally he doesn't think he can handle to have one. Knowing that he can catch a football, his "girl catching" skills probably sharpened up too. But he doesn't know if it had because he never, ever, had a relationship before. Even though all the girls that lay eyes on him think he's a total sweet heart- Which he is. Out of all the sport trophies he has won, his award winning smile is probably the best.


Mina was taking notes in psychology while her best friend Alice King was nudging her chair forward to get her attention. She would glare back with a small smile, signaling, "Hi. Stop touching me or I'll cut you". Typical best friend stuff. To her friends advantage the teacher gave the rest of class to do work or mingle quietly. Mina turned around and listened to what Alice had to say. "See that guy up there?" She pointed shyly, not wanting him to notice.

"Yeah," Mina laughed. "Do you like him?"

This kid had jet black hair, probably dyed- not natural. He was really into the book on his desk. In fact he was reading it through class. A girl like Mina couldn't imagine herself missing out all the interesting things the teacher may say. This character looked like he wouldn't want to be the noticeable guy who stood out around people. He wore black long sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His jeans were a faded silver and his converse were worn out on the sides. Turns out that Alice did NOT like him. She nearly punched Mina so hard in the shoulder which made her almost fall out of her chair. Thomas Hughes was his name and apparently he, too, had a twin of the name Todrick, or Todd. Both had natural jet black hair. Both blew across their for heads, long enough to touch their brows. Todd was a running coach- great with tips to keep a good pace. He was coincidentally coaching Mina's brother today at sports Heath. While his brother was in Mina's same class now, also.

Mina didn't think of that possibility though. Matt was just taking advise from Todd in the gym while he had a stop watch in hand. Matt was about to run to the other side. "Breathe in a four count... And pump your arms in between each... Go." He clicked start. Matt dashed. If you were to take a picture of him while he ran, it would look like a smug across the shot. He was faster than before. Unbelievable. Running as fast like that would take practice everyday for about two weeks of training. He had only met Todd today!

Todd wasn't surprised, he only smiled when he clicked stop when he came back to him. 22 seconds down and back. 'He could do even better.' Todd thought. But instead said, "Good job today. Hit the showers, you smell horrible." He laughed, Matt raised up his arms and waves his pitts in his direction. "Oh really? I can't smell a thing!"

Matt came out of the shower, dried off, and put his shorts on with his towel around his shoulders. He felt a cold breeze brush against his back. Matt was about turn around when Todd came in. "Dude, you forgot your shirt out there." He tossed it to him. He looked behind Matt and walked back out to the gym. Matt turned around a saw... Nothing. It was just a draft. He shrugged and got fully changed and got to lunch early.

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