Started Off as Nobodies

The identical Mina and Matthew Henderson moved to each city in fame. Not everybody saw a set of twins before in their whole life. They were well known at each school they went to, and at everyone- they discovered more about themselves than what they never knew was possible.


1. Chapter One

Mina started off high school on a high note. Not laid back, not skipping out on events- she did everything. If there was any dance she would go to it, any plays; she would want to be in it, newspaper; she would already be joining. Mina was magically gifted with many talents and likes. Anything involved with the world "school club", "show", "contest", or "extra credit" she'd be running before they yelled go. Something about learning more and new things excited her.

While Mina was born with wits spilling from her pocket, her twin brother Mathew had the speed and agile. He joined every sport every season and a different on each year. He never really did a sport when he was a kid but something sparked in him once he hit freshman year. His coaches were impressed when they asked all the newbies to raise their hand if they never played. Matts hand would go up- it would've seemed like he was lying by the way he picked up the skill of the game so quickly.

It would seem odd if someone were to think of them when they were little... Matthew was very clumsy and could barely hold a napkin with out dropping it. Whenever they came to a store, he would always let his sister or mother in front to open the door- not because of chivalry, because he was so weak. On the other hand, Mina was literally brain dead. Nothing registered in her mind. All her teachers kept having to talk to her parents about her repeating her grade. They didn't want that and asked for all the help she could get. Tutors, extra study time, anything.

Now with Mina being a straight A student and Matthew the star quarterback, nobody questions their amazing qualities.

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