I'm Not Sure

I guess these are just bits of pieces that i write.


3. Two Sides, One girl.

I ran down the darkened hallway, jumped up, slipped into a Ac shaft and slid backwards away from the opening several feet. Not a second after I was still pairs of heavy footsteps echoed down the hall.

"Search everywhere! She can't get away!! She has the files!" A deep voice shouted. I smiled slightly but stopped quickly as I never celebrate until I'm home in my bed. Once the footsteps had faded I slipped out of my hiding place. I landed with out a sound, my training payed off. I walk down the hall and I walk into the smallish room that is filled with file folders. I grab the nearest folder and tuck it under my arm. I set it there when I had to hide. I then stroll out of the building, no one knowing it was me who created all the insanity. After being an employee here I am trusted.... They should learn that I am never to be trusted. I finally allow a small smile. I'm good at what I do. I kill. I am genetically modified to do that just that. And I always get away with it.

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