I'm Not Sure

I guess these are just bits of pieces that i write.


2. A girl I see in the mirror

When I look in the mirror, I see a girl. Not a truly different or special girl. Someone who is human. When I look in the mirror I guess I don't really see the good parts of this girl. I see the bad parts. You know, the acne, the chapped lips, the bad hair. I think thats what so many girls see when they look in the mirror. When I look at myself I try to embrace the fact that I am not perfect and to take pleasure in my imperfections. The problem comes when I fail. In the end, every morning, every night, every time, I see an imperfect girl. Some days, i hate her. I hate her with so much passion that I have wanted to end her time on earth. Some days I am filled with love for her. She is me and I am her. You know, some days she scares me. Some days I wish I could be her everyday. In the end, no matter how I feel about her, she is me and I am her. 


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