why not ?? lrh

when violet moves from London,England to Sydney,Australia and she meets mr Luke hemming's but let's just they don't exactly see eye to eye because violet can't deal with Luke's cockiness and Luke hates violet for her smartness. But watch as there hatred takes a turn for the best !!!


3. chapter 3

violets POV:

I was awoken by the sound of my alarm screeching. I grown as I get out of bed and head to the bathroom and jump in the shower. Today was a Sunday so I didn't start school til tomorrow. I get out of the shower and blow dry my and straitened it.Then I brush my teeth and do my make up . After I went to my closet and picked an outfit out . After getting ready I went down stairs and was greeted by my mom. 

Mrs Haunter_Pancakes honey ?

Violet_Yes please mom!

Mrs Haunter_Oh vi me and your father have to go shopping of dinner tonight and get a few bits and bobs and tate has gone to explore the city. So if you don't mind can you start un-packing please.





Violet_Ye sure mom and what time is dinner?

Mrs Haunter_Dinners at 5 so you have about 9 hours including an  hour to chill and get ready and hear you go.

As I eat my pancakes I think about the new neighbour and about how much I have to un-pack.

Mrs haunter_Ok darling I will see you later love you.

Mr haunter_bye darling love you.

Violet_Bye mom. bye dad.

As I say bye to my parents my phone vibrates and its my best friend Alison.

Vi=Violet and Ali=Alison

Ali_ Hey girl!! wuu2???

Vi_Nm just un-packing then getting ready for a lame dinner party. 

Ali_So boring shit then. 

Vi_Yep!!! wuu2 ???

Ali_Nm ,anyway you have missed so much at school. You know Stella and Jack they are together and Mr Fallon got fired for hitting April pratt and some other stuff. 

Vi_Wow I have missed a lot in a few days!!

Ali_So tell me about this "lame" dinner party??

Vi_We are just having dinner with the neighbours. All though I thing they have a son my age and Tate is already friends with him. I thing Tate is missing you too. ( you heard that right tate is missing MY best friend because they use to date before we moved. )

Ali_So you may have a mega cuttie as a neighbour!!


Ali_You are so lucky my neighbourhood consists of a lot of old people.

Vi_Ali Im sorry but I'm gonna have to go and start un-packing speak to ya later love you xx

Ali_ Ka ka speak to ya later babe love ya xx

After saying bye to Ali I realised how much I miss England and it mad me want the summer to come so much quicker. Anyway after putting my phone on charge started un-packing the whole house. (fun)


After un-packing pretty much the whole house I went to get ready of the dinner party by getting in the shower and then straitening  my hair and doing my make-up(foundation a ton of eye liner mascara and a plum/purple lipstick there i was ready to meet hopefully the really hot neighbour


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