why not ?? lrh

when violet moves from London,England to Sydney,Australia and she meets mr Luke hemming's but let's just they don't exactly see eye to eye because violet can't deal with Luke's cockiness and Luke hates violet for her smartness. But watch as there hatred takes a turn for the best !!!


2. chapter 2

Violet come on mom said the cab is here "shouted Tate. I quickly grabbed my phone and carry on and ran down stairs and go in the cab. I know what you're thinking what about me saying goodbye to my friend. Well you see its 3 am and everyone was asleep so said bye yesterday. Anyway I will keep in contact with them though FaceTime and mom and dad said I can have 2 friends come fly over for the summer. So thats exiting. As we set of I put my earphone in and mom said because its such a long flight we are in  first class so there will be wifi and some where to charge my phone but I fly in first class all the time so I'm use to it.

~~~~~~~~~~skip the plane ride~~~~~~~~~~

As we pulled up to our new house I couldn't help but notice how pretty the house was .It was a white mansion. After I got out the cab I ran in to the house and strait to my room.I ran in and just stud dead in my tracks, it was beautiful my dream room. The walls where dark Blue my fave colour and it had all new stuff including an Ipac on my desk. As soon as I saw that I ran down stairs and hugged my Mom and Dad also Tate just because I felt like it. 

Mrs Haunter_Oh honey the neighbours are coming over tomorrow for dinner.

Violet_ Ok mom! what are we having for dinner 

Mrs Haunter_Fish and chips the old fashioned way and tonight I'm just going to give you the money to get what ever you want because me and your Dad are going out for dinner.

Violet_where you going nice?

Mrs haunter_We don't know yet. I think your father has a place in mind though. So that will be great .

Violet_Ok then. I think I am just going to put my posters up and where has Tate gone .

Mrs haunter_I think he is around the neighbours making friends with this boy called Luke , I think he's your age to and I hear he is a mega cutie.

Violet_Ok mom stop we have only just got hear and anyway I think dad is waiting for you so see you later love you.

Mrs haunter_Ok darling see you tomorrow love you.

After saying bye to my Mom and Dad I run upstairs and order pizza .(By far the best food ever made.)

While waiting for the pizza to come I put up all my posters aka  Green day , Blink 182, Paramore, BMTH ,My chemical romance and my fave by far All time low.

By the time I had done that the pizza was here.  After eating the pizza I was that tired so I fell to sleep thinking what the new neighbours would be like. 



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