why not ?? lrh

when violet moves from London,England to Sydney,Australia and she meets mr Luke hemming's but let's just they don't exactly see eye to eye because violet can't deal with Luke's cockiness and Luke hates violet for her smartness. But watch as there hatred takes a turn for the best !!!


1. chapter 1

Well to days the day. The day I move to Australia. You know I'm really going miss England, I mean I grew up here. I can't just forget it and no one can expect me to. I  don't see why its so important to go.  My mom and dads little company here in England was great. You see they have a company called Kerrang Records, I know its not exactly small but in a sense it is because it all started here in England. So yeah. I probable shouldn't be such a spoilt little brat as my brother/twin Tate  puts it about moving to Australia but I don't see why I can't just live here on my own,after all  I am 18 and yet I don't have any responsibility. It sucks! Anyway i think its time we tell you about my self. Hey my name is Violet Sydney-rose Hunter, yeah I know I have a really long name. Ok back on the subject I am 18 years old and I have  dark Brown curly hair with Red at the ends and I have Brown eyes. I'm not too short but not very tall. I am really skinny (size 0). I also have a few tattoos and my Nose and Lip pierced. (with rings in both.) So thats me and this is my life!

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