Beauty in the Broken

We are all broken inside.
Some of us are better at hiding it.


12. Evil Place.

the world is an evil place in the eye of this beholder. full of liars, murderers, and thieves. there is no light in this never ending darkness. there is no change from sea to horizon. it's dark. like the hearts of those who live here behind fake smiles and laughs. dark hearts are behind those in church pews and political uniforms. dark hearts are behind the tender embraces and meaningless sexual encounters. in this evil place filled with dark hearts. sinister is personified. tragedy is embraced. and sin is rejoiced. this beholder sees red in the land of dark. the ocean is blood from the teens who fought the world and held the battle within their skin. the sky is blood from the rage of the angels dressed in cocaine white. the land is blood from the footsteps of villains who finished their midnight kill. this beholder connects blood with every sense but to others, it is dark. this world is twisted. full of dark rage and bright red tragedy. this beholder seeks the truth and I found this world to be an evil place. full of liars, murderers, and thieves in the hidden madness of the night.

(I'm very proud of this for some reason)

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