Song Lyrics

Hi! I am an aspiring singer/songwriter! I love to write song lyrics, and I'd like to share them with you guys. I write my own material. So if you're up to it, please go forth and read my lyrics. Feedback is NOT required, but greatly appreciated! Thanks XD


2. Lost In the Love

Verse One We needed some time to get it right to keep it slow and put our standards in sight First dance to last glance in just one night I still want you by my side Pre-Chorus Sorry we had to call it off I hope to see you again But its too late we could of had it all Wanted to be more than just friends Chorus But at least we were lost in the music lost in the fun lost in the moonlight lost in the love Lost in your eyes lost cuz we've had enough lost in the rhythm lost, lost in the love Verse 2 A week later and I'm still obsessed obsessed with the madness in my head obsessed with the words I never said rather be with you instead Reach for the phone know ya might pick up I second guess it, reconsider my luck Dial your number, let it ring You answer, tell me we have a things I agree, add that our time is short this pull is too strong to ignore Right now the only person you wanna see is me Now we have another night to be (chorus and add:) The connection is real strong I can feel it in my veins this love has been true all along do you feel the same x2 yeaaaah! end: lost in the love <3
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