Song Lyrics

Hi! I am an aspiring singer/songwriter! I love to write song lyrics, and I'd like to share them with you guys. I write my own material. So if you're up to it, please go forth and read my lyrics. Feedback is NOT required, but greatly appreciated! Thanks XD


1. Intro

Hey! Thanks reading this! Before I start publishing lyrics on here, I think you should know a little about my "singing career." For my entire life, I've been singing, singing, and singing. I haven't really started performing in front of people and feeling proud of myself until just a few years ago. Now, I want to perform very much. I want performing to be my life. Anyways, my inspirations are: -Taylor Swift -Ed Sheeran -Melanie Martinez Note: Crybaby IS BAE So yeah, all of these amazing performers write most, if not, all their songs. I hope to be somewhat like them someday. That's it, enjoy! :)
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