The Girl Hitachiin

Hikaru and karou have a little sister they never told anyone about.She left for america when they were little and now she's comming back.Will a certain shadow king fall for her?Will she fall for Him? You'll have to read to find out...:)


3. Chapy 1 Finding My Bros~

Suki's POV~

I walk down the halls of Ouran high school looking for any signs of my brothers.This school is scary,and pink. (eww) So I wanted to find them and get the heck out of here. My flight had landed already and I’m gonna surprise them.They still think I’m in America working on my new business,but I decided to move it to Japan so I could be closer to them.

I haven’t seen them in four years and I’m kinda nervous they won’t remember me. I’m still the same hight but my voice is slightly deeper than it was last time i saw them,and my hair is shorter but other than that i’m still the same.

I ask the chairman where I could find them and he said they were in music room ... music room.. Man! I forgot, oh wait, it’s music room three, thank God I remembered. It’s already hard enough to find a classroom in this gigantic school! 

Found it! Music room three. I push open the large door and get attacked by a bright light and flying rose petals? I look around and see girls at tables and couches surrounding pretty boys and drinking tea. Why would my brothers be here?! A man with black glasses and a black book comes up to me. I don’t know why but I sorta lose my self in his facial features. He was tall around 5’11 he had big, pretty brown eyes. It reminded me of chocolate. (O.O)

“Miss?”, he asked bringing me out of my trance. “Yes?”, I replied, still staring at him.(^.^) “Do you have an appointment miss?”  "Uh, do I need one?" I asked silently hoping I don't. "Yes ma'am you do." I sigh, "I'm looking for my brothers. The Chairman said they be here." He looks at me and I can tell he's confused,and slightly annoyed. "Ma'am I don't think your brothers are here." he says. 

I look around and see a group of girls siting around an adorible little boy with a bunny siting next to a taller boy who looks....well...boring.Then i see another boy surounded by a larger group of girls he who was blonde and very...loud.That when i see two orange heads......


Hello my precious. This is my first book so i hope i did good (sorry for spelling errors) ;) I will update soon But for now Bye~

*Stay awesome sauce*

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