The Girl Hitachiin

Hikaru and karou have a little sister they never told anyone about.She left for america when they were little and now she's comming back.Will a certain shadow king fall for her?Will she fall for Him? You'll have to read to find out...:)


2. All About Suki Hitachiin

Name:Suki Hitachiin

 Nicknames:Su-Chan,Tiger,mini me

 Birthday:Aug.15 (leo)


 Favorite color:black,red,and blue(hates pink)

Pets:piper (horse),Tinny (Piranha),Oreo (panda)

 Family:Hikaru & Kaoru (brothers) mom

 personality: mischievous,evil(only when woken up and is scarier than kyoya and honey when they wake up),kind,strong,funny

 Friends:Host club,Xavier,Inca,Ritsku,butler sebastian(i know he’s from black butler but i had too) :) 

 Hobbies:Hacking,reading,pranking the host club,Nutella 

 Bio:When i was really young me and my brothers were really close.But over the years i became very intelligent i went to high school when i was 12 and graduated from colledge at the age of 15.I have a master degrees in:marshall arts,music,cooking,and engineering

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