Luke Hemmings Sister

Drama-free ((:


9. Chapter 9

Flora's POV


I felt something heavy on me, so I opened my eyes and met a huge bear. Just kidding. Luke


"Wakey wakey"


I groaned why did he wake me at 9a.m? oh god! 9a.m


"Luke! I have school!" I said rushing


"no you don't" he shake his head


"wait what?''


"I- you're taking online classes now. Except for math, im teaching you." he said.


That was when all the memories from yesterday came back.


''oh'' I said and looked down and walked downstairs.


"baby girl you okay?"


"huh? yeah. yeah im fine" I said and decided to make cereal. Not literally make but- you know what I mean.


"we're gonna buy you a laptop today. Choose anything you want" he said


I just nod my head. I don't feel like talking to him. I won't have any friends anymore. Not even my brother friends. I ALWAYS tell them my problems, especially Calum, no Ashton, no no, Michael. Well all of them, because they are very mature.


"can I meet Michael?" I asked.


Luke's face then turned red and his veins popping out "WHAT DID I SAY YESTERDAY?! NO MEETING OF MY FRIENDS RIGHT!?" he screamed


"THEY ARE MY FRIENDS TOO AND YOU CANT STOP ME" I screamed back and run outside. I ran too Calum's house because his house is the nearest.


"Flora? what are you doing here?" Calum's sister answered.


"uh, I kinda had a fight with my brother and ran away" I mumbled. To be honest, Mali is actually very mature at stuff.


"oh, come in" I nod and walked in.


"uh, Calum's upstairs, I need to go out to buy some stuff and meet some friends so i'll be back in a few hours. Mom and dad are not home, so careful" she winked.


I nod again and walked up.




"mmm yeah?" he answered


"It's Emma" I joked


"EMMA?!" he screamed and opened the door then rolled his eyes when he realised it was me.


"got any sweats or shirt?" I asked


"i have your sweats from that time. and here is a shirt"


I quickly changed until banging on the door startled me.

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