Luke Hemmings Sister

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8. Chapter 8

[a/n double update woot woot! and this BOOK is dedicated to: @mikey's lil kitten because she always comment on my book!]


Flora's POV


"mommy can you come home please?" I whispered in my phone


"whats wrong? Luke is there right?" mom asked softly


"but he was about to slap me" I said a tears started to form in my eyes, but I blinked them away.


"he did what?!" mom shouted, "pass me the phone to him!" mom said again


Luke's POV


I really didn't want to slap her but my hand. I just want to punch something right now! But I can't she's going to be scared of me even more. I sighed. I didn't want her to think im that mean guy.


"luke?" she whispered when she reached to level 1.


"yes princess?" I asked. I called her with all this names because she once told me that she felt safe yet annoying.


"mom wants to talk to you" she said while looking down.


Why does mum wants to talk to me? oh shit.


I nodded, "come here" yeah yeah, I know, rude move but im tired.


she quickly came here and I take the phone from her hand and put her on my lap. .


"hey mom" I said


"Lucas Robert Hemmings! Why did you tried to slap Flora! she's your sister Luke!" she shouted


''sorry mom,, I don't want anyone touching my little girl" I said while looking at  Flora who was playing with my free hand at the moment. I brought her closer to me so she could lay on my chest because she looks sleepy.


"Oh for the love of god Luke! She's 17! she's old enough."


"but, what if someone tries to touch her. or she loses her virginity" I said softly at the last part while looking at Flora who was still playing with my fingers.


"lucas. I know you care about her, but give her some freedom"


" late mom" I trailed off


"what do you mean?"


"i kinda applied her for online classes"


she sighed, "go find a way" was the last thing she said before the line went dead.


''you wanna sleep?" I asked Flora.


No answer


I looked at her and she was already sleeping. I lay her on her bed and kissed her forehead then left her room.

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