Luke Hemmings Sister

Drama-free ((:


7. Chapter 7

Flora's POV


"how was school?" Luke asked when I reached home.


"it was awesome" I grinned


"what happened?" he eyed me suspiciously


"nothing. What makes you think something happened?" I asked innocently


"you're getting all happy it's annoying me" he joked the last part


"me and my crush-"


"your what?! did he touch you?! did he kiss you?! he better not touch my little girl!"


"oh shut up, anyway me and him kinda made eye contact, then he smiled at me, and also, he's bringing me on a date tomorrow!" I said happily


"nope, my little girl is not going on a date!"


I groaned, "luke give me my life back! You always do this!"


"it's for your own sake Flora!"


"what is wrong going on a date!?" I shouted


''he will try to hug you, or find away to touch you, or even kiss you!"


"Hug is a common thing!" I yelled


"you do not speak to your brother like that!" he shouted back.


Tears started to form in my eyes, "i wish you weren't my brother! It was so much better when you went for touring for 6 months! everything is better off without you!" I yelled and cried in my room.


He is the worst brother! There is nothing wrong with Jason! he's nice.


"Flora Hemmings! opened the door right now!" Luke shouted from outside while banging on my door. Who gives a fuck about him?


"Flora Marshall Hemmings! I said open the door!" he yelled again


"no!" I yelled back


"Open the door or im going to kick this door open!"


"for fucks sake! I said no!"


"that's it" he yelled again and kicked the door open.


"i told you not to swear!" he screamed, his veins were popping out.


''I do whatever the fuck I want, you stupid dick"


"that's it! You are dropping out of that school, you are not going to see the boys anymore, you are going to take online classes."


"you can't do anything, you stupid shit. You're not my mom" I admit, im scared but im not going to be weak because of him.


"mom is not here, so im incharge" he said and was about to slap me but I ducked.


I couldn't anymore and started crying.


"baby girl, don't cry"


I was really scared of him so I moved back


"a-are you s-scared of m-me?" he asked


"please don't touch me" I said and covered my face.


i heard him sigh and closed the door.

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