Luke Hemmings Sister

Drama-free ((:


6. Chapter 6

Flora's POV


It has been 3 months since Luke stopped talking to me. A lot happened in 3 months.


1) They stopped their band because they were getting too much hate.


2) Calum cheated on me again.


I walked in Luke's room.


"i want my big protective older brother back" I cried. I have been crying ever since Calum cheated on me.


"cmere" he said


I walked up to him and sat on his lap while I cried on his shoulder


"I love you alright?" he asked


I just nodded because I was crying too hard.


"i should've listened to you" I mumbled in his shirt


He didn't say anything, he just kissed my forehead.




He nods. I got out from his lap and walked downstairs with Luke behind me.



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