Luke Hemmings Sister

Drama-free ((:


4. Chapter 4

Luke's POV


"Luke, im hungry" Flora whined in the bus. Yes we are touring already. "ohhhhh, can I use your superman t-shirt?" her eyes light up.


"no" I rolled my eyes.


She grinned and ran to my lagguage ((idk if its spelt correct.)) and took out my superman tee. Everytime. She quickly changed into my shirt. She was REALLY short so the shirt covered her knees, but she wore a 3/4 pants. She then took out her phone and took a picture with me.


Next morning. Flora's POV


"Luke! Stop being mad at me!" I whined.


Here is what happened, that night, I couldn't sleep. Well, normal girls need someone to cuddle, so me being me, I took Luke's penguin and cuddle it. Without his permission. And now, he's mad at me. He  brought like at least 3 penguins and in the bus he has 5 more penguins.


"You took Pengu without my permission!"


"Because I wanted to cuddle it!" I shouted back then groaned in frustration.


"You have Mr. Koala!" he shot


"I didn't bring him because you said my bag will be heavy!"


He groaned, "fine, I forgive you this time. But if you take Pengu again I will kill you."




"Because that is all what I have in mind!" he said, "you can only choose the others."


"Whats wrong with the on I chose?"


"its the giant one. You can't take the giant one" I just rolled my eyes.



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