Luke Hemmings Sister

Drama-free ((:


3. Chapter 3

Luke's POV



"But you need to eat Flora" I groaned. The girl once I saw eating 2 burgers in 10 minutes doesn't even wants to eat anymore. That dick.


"I don't wanna" she croaked out


"why?'' I asked softly, sitting on her bed.


''he cheated on me" Flora cried. when she cried, there will always a little pout forming. Its so cute.


"cmon princess, I know it hurts but you need to eat or you'll get sick" I said and kissed her forehead.


"when is tour starting?'' she mumbled under my shirt.


"about that..." I scratched the back of my neck, she snapped up and looked at me, "we are starting tomorrow-"


"so im going to stay here alone?" her eyes watered again.


''no" I laughed, "you're coming with us"


Her eyes light up and grinned, "really?" then all vanished.


"whats up bub?"


"Im gonna see Calum" she frowned.


"i'll protect you. You're my baby sister"


"Im not a baby" she fake frowned and crossed her arms. I just laughed at her childishness.

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