Luke Hemmings Sister

Drama-free ((:


2. Chapter 2

Flora's POV



"I don't approve you and Calum" Luke said out of the blue while eating dinner.


My head snapped up. I groaned, "Luke we've been over this"


''I don't like him!"


"He's your fucking friend idiot!" I shouted


"I told you not to swear!" He shouted back.


"You know what. Im done. Im done with you treating me like shit. I hate you. Just come to Calums' when you think you are wrong. I then stood up and packed my bags and ran to Calums'


"Don't do this, Flora" Luke cried.


"It's your fault!"


"What if he's going to break your heart? I don't want my baby sister crying."


"then prove it then. Prove that Calum is going to break my heart. I doubt that" I laughed.


Luke just dragged me to Calum's house. Luke then knocked on the door, and Calum answered with only Jeans on. That was weird because he always wear a shirt even though he's home alone.


Then I heard a high pitch voice, "Baby who's that?"


Calum eyes widened, "Uh, hey, uh g-guys, what are you doing h-here?"


"Can we come in?" Luke asked annoyed. Calum just hesitated then nodded slowly. Luke then dragged me to his room, and the sight I saw was awful.


"c-calum? who's t-this?" I croaked out looking behind me, which Calum was standing there because he was trying to stop us from coming from his room.


"uh, just uh, my f-friend" Calum answered


"But why are you guys lips swollen, and she's half naked and so are you?" I asked still angry. I still held onto Luke's hand. I held Luke's hand tighter.


"Oh, darling, we were just fucking around" the girl said while smirking.


I looked up at Luke and saw his jaw clench, he noticed I was looking at him and kissed my forehead. "He's not worth it" Luke whispered. Me and Luke walked back home. Of course Calum tried to talk to me but I wouldn't let him. The sight was really awful. I couldn't believe him.


Before I knew it I started crying again.

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