Luke Hemmings Sister

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12. Chapter 12

Flora's POV




"YEAH OKAY SURE BE READY IN 15" he screamed back.


I decided to change into something simple ((link below))


After I was ready. I decided not to wear makeup because im just buying a laptop. I went downstairs and saw Luke was ready.


"Lets gooooo" I smiled and dragged Luke. We then drove to the shop. There was so many choices but I wanted to buy one with a good brand. I was staring at this laptop. It was really beautiful. ((link below)).


"You want this?" Luke asked behind me.


"its expensive though." I replied looking at him.


"nothing is too expensive" he said and kissed my head.


"but it really is though. It's almost ten thousand."


"which one do you like?"


"i mean of course this-"


"sold" he smiled


"how did you get the money- GOD LUKE YOU DIDN'T STEAL DID YOU?!" I whisper shout.


"of course not, I work"


"oh, you're in the band again?" he nods. I sigh and look down.


The truth is, I don't want Luke to be in that band. He'll leave me again. Mom and dad is never home. I'll just be alone again. Since Luke made me the online school, I won't have friends. I mean yeah I know how to take care of myself, and cook and all but I won't have friends.


"you okay?" Luke asked once we entered the car


"hmm? yeah" I said and looked out the window.


"great. we're going to eat at Nandos alright?" he asked, I just nod.


See, Luke is the best big brother I could've asked for. He could be my best friend, big brother and my boyfriend at the same time. Weird I know, but, he took care of me since I was born. He would teach me how to play soccer and I remember one day after he had a bath, the whole toilet was wet and when I entered I slipped and hurt my bum. And when he realised that he took care of me the whole day. He would also teach me how to play video games and such. I remember how protective he was when I met his bandmates. He would kill anyone who looked at me.


"what you thinking about?" Luke asked


"are you going to leave for tour again?" I asked, completely ignoring his question.


"yeah.. why?"


"so i'll be home alone?"


"no... you're coming with us" and that brought a smile to my face.


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