Luke Hemmings Sister

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10. Chapter 10

[double update (:]


Flora's POV


"i thought you hate me though" Calum said


"i know I don't always forgive and forget but really, I don't feel like not not being friends with you guys. I want to be friends with you guys" I rambled


Calum laughed, "yeah, I understand, sorry about the cheating part though. I feel like a dick" he said


"its fine" I said, "who's Emma by the way?" I asked


"uh, the girl I cheated on you that time" he said


"oh" wow.


"well, I gotta go, Luke is probably worried." I said quickly and run out the door and went home.


"where were you young lady?!" Luke yelled


I ignored him and called mum. yes. Infront of him.


"mom, can you come back home?" I asked when she answered


"what did Luke did this time?" she sighed


"he won't let me see Michael and friends [HHAHAHA]" i  said and looked at Luke- his face was pale-


"can i talk to Luke?" she asked


I just passed the phone to him and smirked.


"wipe the smirk off your face" he spat and take the phone.


"hey muuuuuuuuuum" he said sweetly, "but-" he cut off "why are you always by her side?!" he groaned "argh fine" and end the call. I took the phone from hime ((i literally had to tip toe))


"what did mommy say?" i asked


"you can go meet my friends" he groaned


I started jumping up and down.


"but" he smirked, "i have to follow you"


I just shrugged, "yeah, okay, whatever" i started grinning "can we go to Michael's house?!"




"what why?" i asked as my grin disappeared


"cause' i said so"


"but mom said i can go whenever"


He groaned. I laughed and took his car keys and walked outside.


Michael's house


"hey kiddo" Michael greeted me.


I glared at him.


I dragged Luke in and sat on the floor and picked up Michael's controller and started playing games.

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