"She's confident and I'm down with that."

Harmonia "Mona" Lockhart does not follow the rules. While everyone is gushing over who they're with, she has no interest in a serious romantic relationship, never has, and never will.

And then she meets Liam Payne, a charming young man who seems determined to get what he wants: her. Unfortunately for him, Mona's afraid to be hurt, so she keeps her distance. She likes her heart in one piece, and she's determined to keep it that way. So Liam struggles to get to know her in the way that he'd like.

Mona begins to feel something, but she wouldn't describe it as a pleasant feeling. More like an uncontrollable desire for something or someone that she doesn't want.

The funny thing is, nothing is certain except this: Mona isn't a damsel in distress, and Liam isn't saving her.


1. Pow


Chapter One

Mona's Pov

My hands move somewhat slowly and carefully as I do the last couple folds on the paper crane I'm working on. When I finish it I place or with the others and make a tally mark on the piece of paper taped to the wall above the paper cranes. Currently I have made five hundred thirty-two. I have been making them often over the past couple months. My phone starts buzz. I walk over to where it's charging, look at it and see that my best friend Cressida is calling. I pick it up and say

"What's up?"

"You forgot about tonight didn't you?" She says

"what's tonight?" I ask

"Jacksons end of summer party? The one I've been telling you about for two week!" She says sounding annoyed

"Crap, I did forget. I can be ready at seven. You can pick me up then." I reply

"You need an hour?" She asks

"I'm in sweats and a tank top, I need to pick out an outfit and shower."

"Whatever, see you at seven." She says before hanging up

I roll my eyes and plug in my phone again so it can be fully charged when I go to the party. I walk over to my bathroom and turn the shower on, it always takes a little while for it to warm so I go over to my closet and look through my clothes. I pick out a cream colored floral lace romper, a jean jacket and a pair of wedges that have a similar color to the romper on them. I lay them on bed before grabbing two towels and heading back to the bathroom to take a shower. I am a relatively short shower taker, At least out of the girls in my family. My mom and my sister take almost twenty minute showers, mine are usually five or six minutes. It doesn't take that long on the days I don't wash my hair. When I'm done getting ready its around six fourty-five. I have about fifteen minutes until Cressida gets here. As i make another crane I hear a knock on my door.

"Come in!" i say not looking away from the crane.

"Are you still going to that party you told be about last week?" My mom asks

"yeah, I forgot about it until Cress called me."

"Okay, have fun honey." She says turning around to go back out the door "and use protection!" she adds as she starts to walk down the hall.


I hear her laugh and I shake my head before finishing the crane. I put another tally mark on the paper. Five hundred thirty-three. I still have a lot more to make until I hit a thousand. I hear a car horn outside and see Cressida and her twin brother Ashton in her car. I get up, slide into my wedges and unplug my phone before heading down the stairs and out the door. As I walk down the stairs I yell goodbye to my parents, I close the front door behind me and quickly made my way to Cresida's car. When i get into the car i jokingly ask

"Why's this loser in my seat Cress?"

"He told me he wanted to see you angry because you look hot when you're angry." Cressida says holding back a laugh as she starts to drive down the street.

Ashtons cheeks get a little red and he hits his sister playfully.

"oh really?" I ask smirking

Ashton says nothing and turns to face the front of the car. I know he has a small crush on me, he has had one since I met him and Cressida in the sixth grade. He's a little obvious about it, plus cressida has told me multiple times that he has said that he thinks I'm cute. I would date him if he wasn't her brother and if I actually started dating again. About fifteen minutes later we arrive at Jackson's house Cressida tells Ashton to get out and go get her a drink while she goes and parks the car a couple houses down. we oblige. She is not a girl you would want to see or get angry. Once we get inside Ashton goes to get a drink while I head to the backyard where i see Jackson barbecuing. Jackson's dad is the head chef at the best restaurant in town, Turtle Point. Its an odd name choice for a restaurant that's not near the ocean or a big lake.But there is a good sized pond outside the restaurant where some turtles like to chill at sometimes.

I walk over to Jackson and the group around him and say "hey jackie!"


Jackson likes to be called Jack or Jackson, he doesn't like it when people call him Jackie. I call him that because i think its fun to get on his nerves.

"Hey Mona." he says ignoring the fact that i called him jackie.

"What are you making this time?" i ask

"hamburgers and cheeseburgers, want one?" he asks pointing to a small pile of hamburgers on one plate and a small pile of cheeseburgers on the other. Both plates are on a medium sized table with plates and condiments next to them.

"Sure." i say grabbing a plate and a cheese burger, i put some ketchup on it and walk over to one of the picnic tables that were set up on the lawn. I'm just about to take a bite out of my cheeseburger when Cressida sits down across from me with a drink in her hand.

"What did Ash get you?" I ask her

"beer, I'm not a fruity drinker. You should know that by now." she says before taking a sip of her beer

I ignore the latter part of her comment and begin to eat my cheeseburger. It's really good, definitely not a store bought one. Jacksons dad must have made the burger mix himself and gave them to jackson to grill. After eating Cressida brings me to the drink area so I can get myself a drink. The one that she got me tasted like raspberries. One of my favorite drinks. Two hours and a couple drinks later I'm on the dancefloor dancing with some guy from my science class.The song that is playing is a fast one and they guy i dancing with thinks that's an excuse to try to grab my a$$. I try to ignore it but after the fifth time of him doing that i grab his arm and turn around to face him.

"Stop." I say sternly

"come on.. you like it." he slurs slightly, he tries to grab it again but i stop him. again.

"I said stop." say letting go of his arm and starting to walk away. I bet he's going to try and grab it again. And what do you know! he tries to grab it again. No more Ms.Nice Girl. I turn around and punch him as hard as i can in the face, I walk away not wanting to see where i hit him or what damage i did. A couple girls who i sit with at lunch rush over to me and start asking and saying a million things at a time.

"Oh my god I can't believe Carter just did that!"

"He's a perv!"

"Are you okay Mona?"

"Where did you learn to hit like that?"

"Could you teach me how to punch like that?"

I turn to the pair of girls who asked the last two question and say.

" I took a couple of self defense classes at the gym by my house, Liftwells to be exact."

The girls who asked smile and one of them says "thanks, i've been looking around trying to find some classes like that."

"No problem."

I find Ashton who hasn't had anything to drink and ask him to bring me home. He says okay and drops me off at my house before heading back to the party

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