Good boy, bad girl

There was a knock on the door. "Hello..." He said staring at me. "What do you want?" I asked. "I'm your uhmm new room mate." He answered quietly.

Oh God no....


1. Charmingly Annoying

I don't wanna start this story with those dumb "Hi I'm blah blah blah" shit. I'll just cut to the chase. The name's Nash, at least that's what my friends call me. I'll admit I'm a bad girl. A VERY bad girl. My dad's a police officer and my mom's a lawyer. They kicked me out of the house when I was 14, which was the time they found out I was smoking since 6th grade. They still pay for my meals, my tuition fee, and other shit that they think I need. Ok that's all. What? I'm not gonna spoil eVERYTHING.

*skip to school*

"Hey Nash you should really stop skipping class. You'll get stupid.... No wait, you already are!" Veronica, one of the biggest whores in class said.

"And you should stop acting like my mom! What Veronica? Trying to make me feel like crap again?" I said harshly while glaring at them. I have heterochromia which made my one iris have a different color with the other. My left eye had a brown iris with a blue rim while the other one has a blue iris with a brown rim, they're opposites. After seeing them she backed away a little. She stayed silent for a moment. Thinking of something to say back probably.

"Whatever! Let's go girls!" She said dragging her friends with her.

I lie back down on the rooftop floor and gazed at the sky. I slowly start to drift into a deep sleep.

*skip to dorm*

I walked into my room and lied down on my bed. I look to the left and there lies a bed. Nothing on the walls and no one on it. I was alone. I don't have a dorm buddy... At least anymore. My old dorm buddy aka my best friend, Kayla, moved to another motherfucking country. After they found out that she had cancer they had to give her intense medications. I still talk to her though... I turn on my speakers and hooked them up to my phone. I played 'American Idiot' by greenday on full blast. I got my electric guitar and pretended to be playing the song. I suddenly got interrupted by a knock on the door. I turned my speakers of and went to the door.

"What?!" I asked opening the door. Crystal blue eyes met mine.

"Uhmm... Hi, i-is this room uh 153?" The person asked. It was a guy. He was about my age, had blonde hair fixed into a whiff. He was all... Tidy. Wearing clean, ironed clothes and black chucks.

"Yeah... What is it to you?" I asked snapping back to reality.

"Uhmm I-I.." He said staring at my eyes. Obviously because they were weird.

"Is there something on my face?!" I said harshly.

"N-no Sorry it's just that... Your eyes are..."

"Ugly, weird, disturbing, yeah I know!"

"No they're gorgeous..." He said. I was taken aback by what he said. No one has complimented them. Ever.

"Back to the question, who are you and what do you want?" I asked again but this time much more kindly.

"Excuse me where are my manners, I-I'm Luke Hemmings, your new dormmate." He said. I wanted to scream my lungs out. A new dorm mate? What the fuck... I didn't ask for this!

I suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him downstairs to the office of the dorm owner.

"Who's this?" I asked

"He's your new dormmate!" She said cheerfully.

"Why? I didn't fucking want another! We talked about this right? You made a promise that my room mate will always and forever be Kayla!" I screamed at her.

"Nash sweetie... Let's face it, kayla's not coming back!" She said which made me want to rip her throat out.

"Uhmm... Luke..." I started still not looking away from the owner. "Can you step out for a moment?" I asked.

"S-sure." He stuttered and quickly went outside.

"Listen... I mad a fucking promise! And you and your shitty little mouth just started talking about how kayla won't come back! Are you trying to make a fucking death wish?!" I said angrily.

"You have make him your roommate. I've given you plenty of alone time!" She said still smiling.

"Bullshit! What if I don't want to!?" I asked.

"I will kick you out! That simple!" She said. I got silent for a moment. Thinking of what I should do.

"Fine... Just... Don't kick me out. Please..." I said quietly, looking down on the floor.

"Alrighty then!" She said motioning towards the door. I walked out seeing Luke patiently waiting outside while writing on a notebook.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Oh! Uhmm I was just writing on my journal. It calmes my nerves." He said. "So... What did the lady say?" He asked.

"I agreed that you will be my roommate. Unfortunately." I said rolling my eyes.

*skip to room*

"That's your side." I said pointing towards the left bed.

"Thanks!" He said. He started taking his stuff out. He had TONS of books.

"Damn, you read alot don't you?" I said looking at the books.

"Y-yeah, I love reading very much. How abou you? Do you like reading? Or you don't? And why were you alone? Is it because your roommate left? Why is that? Oh and your eyes are lovely. What do you call that again? Hetero- something?" He started blurting out questions like a machine gun.

I stood up and screamed "SHUT UP!"

I walked towards him slowly. I sat on his bed and pushed him down. I saot on top of him and came close. So close that our noses were touching.

"W-what a-re you d-d-doing?!" He said getting nervous. Probably still a virgin.

"I think we should set some rules, shall we?" I whispered moving towards his ear. I felt him shiver and I smirked. I got up and moved back towards my side of the room.

"Rule nuber one, you do not touch me unless I touch you. Rule number two, you also can't touch my stuff. Rule nunber three you only speak when spoken to. And the last rule, don't ever ask me anything too personal ir so help me I will brutally murder you." I said smiling. He got up and he was sweating like hell. He was also breathing heavy. He got something in his bag, it was an inhaler. I laughed.

"Jeez, relax I won't do anything to you." I said.

When he finally caught his breath he looked at me. "I.... Still... Don't... Know your name..." He said.

"Call me Nash." I said, getting my earphones and plugging them to my phone. I lied down on my bed and listened to my music.

"You really like music huh?" He asked.

"Yeah, because I think that the world's too quiet and crappy. I need something to block out the bad stuff with." I answered.

Sorry Kayla... I'm gonna have to break that promise.




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