Dear, Vampire.

Dear Whoever it may please,

I haven't written to you for a while now. Maybe that's because I've been so lonely since the incident. But this is something that needed to be written down.

I had a nightmare last night. A nightmare that Kol was a vampire.

And although it may be silly, I'm scared. I'm scared because it didn't feel like a dream or nightmare. It felt like a memory my brain has been trying to reach for weeks now.

There's also something dark going on in the Vladimir Manor. The boys said it was natural for students to go to Night School at Cross Grave Academy. Everyone goes at night. But everyone here is weird. They talk and act different. Like they aren't from here.

And what is "here" exactly?

I'm still trying to figure that out.

I feel like every day I'm finding out more about the Vladimir brothers, and reveling more dark secrets of the Vladimir Manor. There's still that "forbidden top floor" I'm not allowed to go into. But I'm curious. What are they hiding up there? Nichola is firm on not letting me up there- but why?

I think someone's coming upstairs, so I have to cut this letter short today.

Also, I think "dear whoever it may please" is getting kinda annoying, right? Let's have an inside joke between you and me.

Let's change it to Dear, Vampire.

Yours sincerely,

Rosalie Evergreen

///// • \\\\\



1. The Vladimir Brothers

The car drives quickly down the road, leaving me in front of a large Manor, the sun slowly fading until it was dusk.

I clutch the handle of my suitcase tightly, my eyes going back and forth from the large mansion.

A chilling shiver went down my spine as I read the gold engravings at the top of the gates.

Vladimir manor.

Since 1654

I swallowed thickly, before pushing one of the large gates open, wincing slightly at the creaking sound it made.

I closed it behind me, and started rolling my things towards the large double doors of the house.

Would one even call it a house? I'd call it a castle, if anything.

There was an Aerial maze towards the side of the house, but what caught my interest was the large bushes of pure, fully bloomed white roses.

Which didn't make much sense since it was September, not really a month that roses live in.

I took a deep breath before using the golden Lion knocker to knock on the door, jumping slightly at the loud sound it made.

I waited patiently for a moment, looking around with slight confusion.

It was quiet. Graveyard quiet.

That's not normal.

I was about to grab the door knocker again, when one of the doors creaked open quietly.

I gulped, pushing it open a bit further, walking inside.

"H-Hello? Is anyone home?" I call out quietly.

As soon as you walk in there were stairs that separated into two sets of stairs on either side, leading off to different parts of the large manor.


"Are you lost, young lady?" A voice asks from the top of the stairs.

My head snaps up to the stairs, making out a silhouette of a man.

"I don't think so.. This is Vladimir Manor, Correct?" I nervously bite my lip.

Slowly, the man took a step down from the stairs, his face being illuminated by the light of dusk, making my breath hitch.

He was very beautiful.

His green eyes were bright, pink lips pulled to a collective smile. He was wearing what seemed to be a school uniform. His sandy brown hair was pulled into a quiff, and he slowly descended from the last few steps, his eyes not leaving mine for a moment.

"Indeed it is. Now why would you happen to be here?" He asks with a quirk of an eyebrow.

I back up slowly, smiling sheepishly, until I bump into a chest, causing me to jump away with a small squeak.

I turned to see yet another boy with the same uniform.

Yet this one had blue eyes and dirty blonde or sandy hair that was a bit curly.

"Well aren't you a marvelous sight," he smirks cheekily.

I flush, turning around to the man I was talking to.

He gave the other boy a stern look, turning back to me.

"Well, you see, I've been offered to stay here." I say honestly.

"What?" Another voice asks from the large room.

I turn to my right quickly, to see yet another boy.

Why are all these guys so bloody attractive!?

This boy had copper colored eyes and dark brown hair pulled into a quiff. Cute little moles scattered near his left jaw.

"What do you mean by staying here, Young lady?" He frowned.

"Um.. I'm here to stay? Did someone not call you for it?" I ask again.

"Oh yeah." Another voice yawns slightly. "Someone did call. Forgot to tell you guys about it." There was a older boy laying on the couch lazily, his blue eyes trained on us and his dark brown hair pulled in a quiff.

A glint passed the first boys eyes. "You forgot, huh?" He scoffed. "For the first born, you are quite the disgrace." He whispers harshly.

I was taken back by his cold tone, thinking he was the kind one.

Their was obviously some tension between the two.

The one on the couch just shrugged, tuning back into his music.

The doors suddenly slammed open, and something ran into me roughly, causing me to fall to the ground.

I groan in slight pain.

I opened my eyes in confusion, finding a very angry green eyed boy with curly brown hair.

"Who the hell are you?" He whispers harshly, standing up and dusting himself off.

I rub my head as I stand as well.


"Never mind. I don't care." He strides up the stairs angrily, a door being slammed loudly heard only seconds after.

The first boy sighed, shaking his head in annoyance.

"Rosalie Evergreen." I finished in a quiet mumble, with a sigh escaping my lips.

"Rosalie, was it?" The first boy grins. "Now what were you saying about your stay here?"


{ V L A D I M I R }


"I see." The boy frowns. "Then I guess we have a female member staying in the house."

"Oh!" He exclaims. "Where are my manners! I completely forgot to introduce myself to you, and introduce my brothers." He face palms.

"It's fine." I smile kindly.

"Take her bags to her room." He ordered a butler I hadn't noticed was standing behind me.

He just nods stiffly, taking my bags.

"Well. I'll start off with myself. I am Nichola Vladimir, the second eldest son of Gabriel Vladimir. The arrogant boy laying on the couch listening to music, he's the eldest son. His name is Mordecai Vladimir. The boy who was flirting with you, he's the third eldest son, his name is Isaac Vladimir. The one you met after him is Mathias Vladimir. He's the second youngest brother. And the rude boy- which I apologise for- that's Kol Vladimir. The youngest brother and son in the family." He finishes, without a pause.

I blinked.

"I'm sorry, was I too fast for you?" Nichola looks at me worried.

"Ah, no. I understood. It's just.. Your names are a bit strange, aren't they?" I say kindly. "They're names you'd probably hear in the Victorian Era." I laugh softly.

He tenses, but laughs with me as well.

"They are a bit weird, aren't they?" He muses. "But if you're ever struggling, you could always call Mordecai Kai, and call Mathias Matt. They won't mind." He sips his tea.

"Okay. Thank you." I fiddle with my tea cup. "So you all live here? What about your parents?" I question.

"Yes, our father lives elsewhere." He replies shortly.

I could tell by his expression and the look in his eyes that he no longer wanted to talk about the subject any further.

But I took into account how he didn't mention their mother..

Mathias walked into the room, hugging a pillow.

"Is she staying with us?" He asked, his copper eyes wondering to me.

"Yes she is for the time being, Mathias. And I hope," there was another glint in his eyes as he glares at the boy softly. "You all learn to make our guest feel comfortable."

A look of realisation washed Matt's face as he nodded, before walking out of the room.

"Well, Ms. Evergreen. I shall show you too your room as it is almost the dead of night. Come." He waits patiently as I stand.

These people are freaking weird. They talk and act like they're from the Victorian Age.

But nonetheless, I follow him to my new room, in my new house.




September ninth, 2015


Dear, Whoever It May Please,

It's been a month and a half since the accident. I've moved into the notorious Vladimir Manor, in which five boys have been living in. Nichola seems very kind, and I do like him, I feel he will be a good friend to me.

I don't know much about Mordecai- or Kai- other than he seems like the careless one in the group despite being the eldest. There's some tension between him and Nichola I can't distinguish. But it's not my business, so I mustn't meddle, otherwise I'd be considered a nuisance.

Isaac is irritably, yet a bit lovingly cheeky. He seems to jokingly flirt with me in a friendly way. I'm sure we can be like brother and sister. I enjoy his presence a lot, since he always finds a way to make me laugh.

I've taken notice that Mathias- or Matt in simpler terms- seems to be the most shy out of all five of the Vladimir brothers. He doesn't talk very much, and makes little to no eye contact, but seems sweet and kind.

I don't know much about Kol other then the fact that he really doesn't like me very much. He seems closed off and angry all the time. I tried to be polite, but it was hard when he was glaring at me whenever we we're in the same room. I think I'll just avoid him for now.

Yours sincerely,


Rosalie Evergreen

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