My story


1. how it began

Hi my names Skye and this is my story

Ok so when I was 8-9 years old so 3rd grade I made my first suiside not thing I wrote in a school library book "I wish I was dead" and I didn't really mean it and I was happy but the voice in my head only knew one word and told me once in a blue moon I was "FAT"

Then in 4th grade me and my friend got in a big fight and it lasted 3 days but the worst 3 of my life she took all our friends and left me alone so all day I was just really depressed but then I was being stupid and sent a text to one of my friends and it said "why are you and Mei being mean to me you know I have suisideal thoughts right" and then my school therapist came and talked to me and the thing was the upcoming week was spring break and she said "will I see you when we come back from break" I said yes then left it was Friday so after school I found a piece of glass on my driveway and took it against my wrist that was the first time I cut but I didn't do it again until a little later

So in June was the first time I cut with a real blade and I did it once until now I took a blade from a box cutter and I still use it and I think I have depression and the voice in my head is killing me here are some of the words it says " FAT UGLY BITCH SLUT STUPID DUMB WORTHLESS USELESS KILL YOURSELVES YOURE A WASTE OF SPACE WASTE OF AIR NO BOY WILL LOVE YOU YOURE NEVER GETTING A BOYFRIEND" there is so much more no ones knows I cut expect one person Maddie well that's all for now Bye

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