Tales of Endasia: The Origin of Crystal Lunar

Endasia is a magical world, connected to our own, and in it reside strange, magical, and wonderful beings. Meet Crystal Lunar, a young and spirited halfbreed, part human, part fairy. When her world is torn apart by death and rejection, she continues to fight, to strive, and to live. This is her story, of how she came to be, and her torn childhood.


2. Alone

Four years later


I’ve been staying at auntie’s house for a long time now. I sleep with Peony in her room and I let her pester me with her various beauty experiments. It can be oftly dull here, but I keep myself busy. I go outside everyday and run and play with the other kids, and when I tire of that, I go visiting. Normally I go to Mammy’s house, or at least that’s what I call her. I don’t know her real name. Anyway, Mammy is an old, wise, troll woman. She’s the one who picked out my birthday present for auntie all those years back, when Daddy was... still alive. Since I’ve officially started living with Aunt Lillian, I’ve been going to visit Mammy every day. She really likes the company since she has no living family. It’s quite sad, but I feel most times I can relate to her. I still have Auntie Lillian and Peony, and don’t get me wrong, I love them and all, but It’s just not the same. Peony is loud and annoying sometimes and auntie is just so... eccentric. She’s very kind, but not very responsible. She never knows where I am, and never cares to ask. I usually end up making my own food, just like everyone else in her house. I guess It’s a good thing, in a sense, because I’m learning to fend for myself, just like a grownup! And as a grownup would, I have to have a job, which I don’t yet... but I’m learning! Mammy is teaching me potions and trollish. I also sneak out and watch to guards training at the nearby fort. I practice the moves everyday. One time, a man from the guard’s training center spotted me and came over to speak. He said he saw me practicing and wanted me to show all my moves to the training recruits. I did, flipping my legs into sharp, precise roundhouse kicks, and landing punches to the mouth of my invisible opponent. It was great fun and he told me I was doing way better than any of his ‘good for nothing, wimpy recruits’.


Soon after that encounter, he took me aside every few days, after recruit training, and taught me important fighting skills. His name was Master Zao. Master Zao told me he was raised in the human world in a place called Japan, and he described his fighting style a type of ‘martial arts’. It was lots of fun at first, directing hits and kicks, but soon it became harder and harder, until one day I almost passed out from exhaustion, but I continued on, battling through the pain of practice and commitment. Still, after all he had taught me, Master Wao thought I should learn more.

He soon introduced me to a guardsman named Naemoch. 'An expert swordsman' he told me. And he was most certainly. Wao organized to have me visit him once a week for weapons classes. And when I showed up, all the weapons I had to practice with was a single silver like dagger which belonged to my father.

Naemock looked a little put out that this was my only weapon. "It's all I have," I said, feeling a little sad about the weapon that had once belonged to my father. All his other swords had been sold with the house. “My father made it." I said. The guardsman took it up gently from my hands. “It’s so light! Do you know what it’s made of?” He asked me.

“I have no idea. My dad smithed this before I was born. He never really used it. He never was one to get into fights or hurt people,” I said, eyeing the blade with with interest.

“It’s so beautifully made. I just don’t know how he did it!” He handed the blade back to me, completely astonished. “Well then, shall we begin?” I nodded and he grabbed a dagger from his sheath. He continued to demonstrate stances and how to properly hold the knife. After consecutive blade lunging sets, I decide to break the silence.

“So what other weapons will you be teaching me to use?”

“Well that depends. Since you only have a dagger, we’ll be using weapons from the armory for practice. After you master the dagger, I think I’ll teach you to become a proper swords woman,” I close my eyes, thinking of how wonderful it will be to lunge through the air with an such an epic, long, blade of steel. I open my eyes and look down in shock, finding my hands holding a heavy object. What once was a dagger was now replaced by a sword.

“It’s-it’s and sword!” I yelped in shock. Neither of us moved.

"What?" Naemoch looked stunned. "It's amazing, that’s what it is!” After whipping the sword through the air a couple of times, Naemoch came up with an idea. "What if it could transform into other weapons? I only wonder..."

We thus continued through every weapon we can possibly think of and discovered the dagger could also turn into a spear and a double bladed battle axe. Over weeks, months and years, Naemoch taught me to master each blade. On my own, I practiced switching from one weapon to another in the middle of battle, until I could do it almost instantaneously.

Once, Naemoch tried using the dagger, but I wouldn’t transform for him, only me. Other people have also tried, but It never seems to work, which only leaves me in wonder.

    One day, coming home to Auntie’s house from training with Master Wao, I came up with a great idea. I had learned so much in the last few years, much more than any adult I figured, so I decided to leave. I made a large pack, bought new sturdy clothes, took up all my savings, and prepared myself for a journey. While packing, auntie came upstairs and sat on the side of the bed, merely watching me.

    “It’s time for you to leave isn’t it?” She said matter-of-factly, not nearly as cheerful as usual. I nodded, not really wanting to look her in the eye. “I supposed this would happen sooner or later. You’re a free spirit crystal. You can’t be contained,” She smiles and hands me a bag that had been hiding behind her back. Inside it was a wide variety of dried foods and a lovely new pair of boots.

    “Aunt Lillian! You-”

    “Take it. Oh and I almost forgot,” She handed me two silver pieces. I gape in awe. I’ve never had this much money in my life. I put everything into my own pack and hugged Auntie.

    “Thank you so much,”

    “Enough of that! I know you’ll be okay. You’re a beautiful, strong, young woman and I know you’ll do great things. You need to discover yourself,” She said, releasing me from her hug and placing her hands on her hips. At that I race downstairs, quickly saying goodbye to Peony, and burst out the door into the warm sunshine. This would be a new day.


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