Tales of Endasia: The Origin of Crystal Lunar

Endasia is a magical world, connected to our own, and in it reside strange, magical, and wonderful beings. Meet Crystal Lunar, a young and spirited halfbreed, part human, part fairy. When her world is torn apart by death and rejection, she continues to fight, to strive, and to live. This is her story, of how she came to be, and her torn childhood.


1. A Torn Childhood

I scamper down the hall quickly and stealthily on my small light faery feet. Moma and Daddy are in the sitting area at the end of the hall, talking about something I can’t quite make out. Just before the turn of the corner, at the end of the hall, I skid to a halt and precariously peek my head around, but only so quickly to catch a glimpse of my parents. I listen intently. They’re talking about things I don’t understand and kissing, giggling and laughing with each other. I’m almost certain they haven't noticed me yet. Turns out, nothing they talked of was very interesting, but still, It made me very happy to see them together like that.

I peek my head around again, low to the ground, my brown hair tumbling all over in a big mess on the stone floor. Moma looks so pretty. She’s very fair skinned, and has beautiful, curly, long, dark brown hair that piles on her lap. Long, dark curved lashes surround her shining eyes. I never could figure out what color they were. Anyone just meeting her might consider them blue, but with a close look, you’ll notice they look almost grey or violet. In any case, I love her very much.

Daddy on the other hand has well muscled tan skin, and light brown, short, shaggy hair. Just like Moma, he has amazing eyes; bright blue, almost electric, sort of like my mine, except without the tint of green. He also had long transparent wings, tinted dark blue, that fold up neatly along his back. My parents are what makes my family so special. Moma’s human, Daddy’s a Faery, and I’m a little mix of both of them. It’s also very nice because my wings go away when I tell them to. It’s probably because Moma is human. My wings are clear and the same shape as daddy’s, only mine are tinted black.

I peek around the wall again, only to see Moma’s shining eyes staring into mine. I cover my mouth, trying to suppress a giggle. “What do you think you’re doing snooping around here on your father and I?” She says, only teasing. I shrug shyly and curl up my bottom lip.

“I’m really fast Moma,” I say, but suddenly frown when a worried look appears on Moma's face. At the sight of my frown, she puts a smile on her face and gestures for me to come to her. “I ‘m a good sneaker too!” I add quickly, bursting into a fit of giggles as she pulls me onto her lap.

“Well you just better make sure you’re certain you know who you’re sneaking up on next time!” She says and pats my messy hair down. I laugh again. I turn my head and all I can see is Daddy’s smiling face. I smile back.


Three Years Later


“Wake up little miss crystal darling!” I hear a clear voice say from above me. “Get up! It’s your birthday! You wouldn’t want it to waste away while you slept!” I know it’s Moma. I smile with delight, thinking about all the wonderful things we will do today. I’ll have cakes and sweets from the baker’s shop and I’ll receive lots of gifts from my friends and family. Plus, Aunt Lillian and my adopted cousin, Peony, will be visiting! Auntie told me in her last letter she’ll be bringing a surprise.

“I’m up! I’m up!” I say, my voice still groggy with sleep. I shove my quilts off my body. Moma only smiles. “So I’m really eight today?” I ask.

“Oh course Crystal! Today is your day! It only happens once a year! It’s quite the rare occasion,” She says joyously. I smile brightly and pull myself out of bed, my blue night chemise dropping to my knees. I quickly run behind behind my dressing divider and pull on the birthday dress Daddy bought me last week for my special day. Ever an admirer of traditional Elfish and Faery culture, he bought me a leaf green, hand tailored dress with long sleeves and layered skirts. Along the trim of the neckline and sleeves are beautiful embroidered leaves and flowers in shimmery gold thread.

I quickly finish changing and run down stairs to greet daddy with a great big hug.

“My darling! You look like such a young lady in your new, fine dress!” He says, astonishment clearly marking his face. “I am so proud of you darling. I love you so much. You must never forget that, no matter what!” He adds softly into my pointy ears. I look into his face, unusually unmarked by soot from his smithing stove.

“I love you too daddy! Thank you so so so much for my pretty dress!” I say with excitement and genuine love.

“Anything for my lovely daughter! Now shall we get some breakfast? Your generous mother made your favorite tart berry biscuits!” He says, his beautiful eyes shining.

“Mmmm!” I moan happily, practically melting to the floor at the thought of the warm, delicious treat. Both Daddy and I race to the dining table, laid with the biscuits and tall glasses of fruit juice.

After finishing breakfast, I hear several loud thumps coming from the front of the house. I race out of my seat and practically rip the door open to my aunt and cousin.

“Crissy!” Aunt Lillian shouts energetically. She wraps me up into a suffocating hug and kisses me on both cheeks. “My! How you’ve grown my little chrysanthemum! It seems you were only a bean sprout last week!”

“Auntie, you know you last saw me less than a month ago! I couldn’t have growth that much!” I say, laughing hysterically. She only wraps me up into another hug. After dropping me back to the floor, I find I’m only picked back up again by Peony, Aunt’s Lillian’s adopted pixie daughter. She squeezes me tightly, but promptly puts me down, finding I’m too heavy for her small frame to support. Peony’s only five years older than me, but she sometimes goes overboard on the doating.

“My darling little cousin! I’ve missed you sooooo much!” She practically screeches with excitement, gripping my shoulders. She brings me in for another hug.

After our greetings, we shuffle into the small sitting area and sit down on comfy cushioned seats, beginning to open gifts. Moma and Daddy got me a long, pretty necklace with a crystal on the end. I instantly put it around my neck and squeak with excitement. They also got me a new, crisp, tan tunic, and a lovely box of candies, sparkling with sugar. I hug them both and give my thanks, proceeding on to auntie’s gift.

“Now I told you I would get you a special surprise!” She says, bursting with excitement. I carefully unwrap the prettily packaged parcel and open it to find a beautifully carved box.

“This is beautiful aunt Lillian!” I say with amazement at the stunning carved container.

“That’s only the shell Crissy! Open it up!” She says, and I do, finding inside a stone mortar and pestle, small glass bottles of various contents, a book, and quills. “Well, you see,” Aunt continues “I really had no idea what to get you! Then I talked with my dear neighbor, who happens to be a potion woman, and she gave this to me, to give to you! She said it would be perfect!” She cries out jubilantly.

“Wow this is really nice auntie! I can’t wait to try these recipes,” I say, flipping through the book contained inside the carved box. I really have no clue what anything in the box is, but I assume I’ll figure it out eventually.

The rest of the day continued sweeter than I had ever thought it would. Friends and neighbors stopped by the house all day, offering good wishes, some giving me pretty gifts. It was wonderful, and when the suns finally set, my family and I gathered around the table to eat warm cookies and hot berry cider.

“So how was your birthday little miss?” Moma says sweetly.

“It was wonderful! I couldn’t have asked for anything else!” Both Daddy and Moma smile at me, but Daddy’s face suddenly turns sour.

“What is it darling?” Moma asks Daddy, a look of concern pasted to her face.

“It’s nothing really, I just feel a bit woosy. I’m sure it’s of no concern!” He says, but I know he’s not alright. He looks pale and sick, nothing like he was earlier today.

“Levanon you are not alright! You look like a ghost!” Moma says sternly, standing up, taking him by the shoulders, and walking him to his bed. I follow behind. Dad continues to falter and trip as he makes his way to the bed, where he finally collapses, falling from Moma’s caressing arms, burning with fever.



Daddy became very sick and weak after that night. He couldn’t get out of bed, so Moma had me bring him food. It was terrible. To see my Daddy, the man of the house, my protector, weak and unable to move. He couldn’t even get up to go work in his smithing shop next to the house. He couldn’t wake me up in the morning with smiles and warm kisses. I was entirely alone in the world. Moma became withdrawn and tired. She hurt, but not the way daddy did. It was her heart that suffered. It suffered for Daddy.

One night, when I was supposed to be asleep, I snuck down the hall to get a glass of water, only to find my parent’s bedroom door cracked open. I put my eye to the crevice and looked in.

Daddy was laying on his bed as usual, propped up by pillows. Moma was kneeling by his bedside crying into the blankets. His face was turned toward her, sickly pale and glistening with sweat.

“It’s okay darling. It’s okay. I understand. It must have been so hard for you. I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me sooner, it wouldn’t have changed anything. I will always love you no matter what!”  Daddy says, his eyes soft and comforting. Struggling, he lifts his arm to brush the hair from Moma's face.

"You really don't hate me for all my lies? The excuses? I don't understand..."

"I love you with a my heart Lavinia. You are the fire in my soul! You are my one true soul mate no matter what. Our lives were destined to cross for a reason, and I regret nothing involving you, only that I might leave you and Crystal on your own,"

"No, don't say that!" Tears still pour from Moma's eyes and soon I feel the cursed dew fogging my own vision. "Levanon you must stay strong. I know it hurts, but I don't know what I'll do without you!” She pauses before going on. “Please, don't tell crystal of anything I've said you tonight. I couldn't bear it if-"

"Shh... My darling be calm. You need your rest. These last few weeks have been hard for you. I promise I'll hold on as long as possible, but you need to be prepared for to worst," says Daddy, his voice only a whisper now.

"Okay," she pauses, then kisses Daddy on the ear, slowly backing up. I race back to my room, quickly and silently. I fall onto my bed, tears streaming down my face.

It turned out that Daddy couldn't go on much longer. I know he tried, but it just wasn't meant to be. He died a week after that fateful night with Moma, and I, in the meantime, tried to spend every waking moment with him. I read him stories from my large book of Endasia history and legends. I cooked him food and fed him when he was too weak to lift his very arms. I kept him company and talked for long hours, until one day, he wasn't able to hear my voice, or listen to my stories, or eat any food. And he was gone, his spirit taken flight, leaving Moma and I all alone in the world. And it was terrible.





I shoot up in bed, sweat moistening my forehead. It was just a dream. It was just a dream. It was just a- it was not a dream, I knew, but the searing pain of Daddy's death tortured me the greatest while I slept, mutilating the event into something evil. In my dreams, I sometimes watch Daddy painfully writhing in bed, his face turning blue. Sometimes his death would be that of an entirely different kind. Being torn to pieces by wild animals or guards bursting into our home and stabbing him with their swords, the very one’s Daddy had smithed. It was chilling and terribly scary, but I no longer have these dreams in the quiet little house on Cabbage Way, but rather on a pallet in my aunt’s sitting room.

After Daddy died, Moma wanted to leave our little house. She only looked back for a second, but that was all it took. She burst out crying, moaning with emotional pain and suffering. It was heart wrenching to watch, so I didn’t. I let Moma be, and never bothered her. She sleeps upstairs in Peony’s room now, but sometimes asks Aunt Lillian to come up and talk with her. I think they’re planning something, but I really don’t feel like sneaking to find out.

I decide to get up, and at that, Peony, who is sleeping on the other side of the mattress pallet stirs. “Is it really morning already?” She says with a huge yawn, opening her large pixie eyes.

“Yes,” I say simply.

“Well at least we can make some breakfast now!” Peony chirps. We continue to the kitchen and make corn cakes, glazed with firebeetle honey. I suppose they’re quite delicious, but I don’t have much of an appetite right now. I pick at the food and take a few bites here and there. “Are you going to finish that?” Peony suddenly asks. I push my plate towards her.

“It’s all yours,” I have no idea how she eats so much and stays so small. Must be a pixie thing. “I’ll tell you! It’s quite a struggle, really, only having the clothes I brought down last week since Aunt Lavinia took my room,” She says casually, but I know she’s really dying on the inside. Peony loves all her clothes and makeup. She says someday she’ll go to work for all the Lords and Ladies in Belfast, shopping at the most luxurious stores in all of Endasia. She might someday, but she’s only thirteen right now.

After we’re done eating, Peony brings me to a large mirror on the west wall of the house and begins to douse me in makeup, scarves and fabric. “What do you think?” She says, turning me to face the mirror. I look like a jester, but I don’t want her to feel bad.

“Very pretty. Thanks Peony,” I say, forcing a smile. She smiles proudly back at her creation.

“Good! Good! I’ll land a job in Belfast in no time flat!” With that statement, she skips off to dig through her pile of clothes, looking for something to wear. I sit down, weighed down by all the fancy things. I don’t feel pretty or happy. There’s just too much to think about, yet nothing to do, and that is a very hard place to stand. I sigh mournfully and look about the small home when something catches my eyes. Black fabric is swishing about the narrow spiral staircase. I recognise the shiny pristine shoes right away. Moma is coming down! I race up to the base of the staircase and wait in anticipation. She does not look happy. Her beautiful full lips are pursed in a straight line and her eyes are dark and dull.

“Crystal,” She says, looking straight into my eyes, hers welling with tears, breaking down every barrier she set up. “Darling, I know you’re so young and you won’t really understand, but I need to go. You’re going to stay here with your aunt and cousin and I’m going back to the human world, my h-home,” Moma chokes on the word home, as if finding an undesirable taste in her mouth. “I’m going to need you help getting through an arch because... I have no magic in blood. You can do that one thing for me, right?” I nod, not fully understanding why she’s leaving.

“Lavinia, use the back door. I had it made arched in case of emergencies,” Auntie says, her face unusually blank. Moma nods, then pulls something from her back pocket and shows it to me. It’s a grainy black and white picture, the kind that I’ve heard comes from the human world. I can only just make out the picture. It’s looks to be a photo of a courtyard, filled with beautiful flowers. Two figures sit hand in hand in the background.

“Look here darling,” Moma says, diverting my eyes to a specific part of the background. She seems to be pointing to the open, curved, stone arches along the surrounding building. A passageway falls behind that, then I wall with one sole door. “Now I need you to take me here, through that arch,” She points again to the background. I nod uneasily.

“Will I ever see you again?” I say, tears welling in my eyes.

“Yes, yes, but I can’t stay here. All the memories... they would become too painful eventually. You must understand that?” I nod again and Moma takes me by the hand. Aunt Lillian opens the curved door and we walk through it, hand in hand.

I muster all the magic I have and think hard about the pretty courtyard garden. A cool sensation comes over me, and I close my eyes, letting the magic work. I open them again and we are there, in the garden, but there are no pretty flowers to watch bloom. Everything is covered in grey tinted snow. Moma looks about fiercely. I suddenly notice she is carrying a large black carpet bag.

“Okay darling, this is where we must part,” She says, unable to look into my eyes. “I will get a letter to you somehow. I have some magical friends here...” She trails off. I can’t bear it. I race up to her and give her a huge hug. “Oh darling, My dear darling!” She’s crying now. “Don’t worry about me. You will have a much better life with your aunt and cousin,” She bends down to my height and looks me in the eyes. We just stand there, looking at each other until Moma breaks the silence. “If you’re ever sad or loney, just hold tight to this,” She picks up the crystal necklace hanging from my neck and kisses it. “There, A little magic to get you through,”

“But Moma! You said you don’t have magic?”

“No, indeed not the kind you have. This is a special magic few truly posses. It is the magic of love. Now I give it all to you darling, so that it may bring you far in life,” She says, releasing the charm. I look down at it. It feels cool. I look once more into Moma’s eyes and she releases me, drifting away. I only look back once, which is a mistake, for I can see Moma's face, wet with tears and sadness, and it is too much for me to bear. I burst through the arch and travel almost instantly back to Elfhaven, not being able to help but think all the way that I had lost both of my parents forever.


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