Light: Rise of the Guardians fanfic

Man and Moon is dying. The Guardians must find a replacement, and fast. Jack FrostxOC |Cover by Willow Angel|


2. Two

I woke up to my alarm that was ringing throw my. I pulled my covers over my head, as I was blindly trying to turn off my alarm, I heard running foot steeps coming towards my bedroom door , then  suddenly Ian burst throw the door and onto my bed jumping up and down.

“Gwen hurry up, were going to be late if you don’t get up now.” He said pulling off my sheets.

I smiled at him and pulled him in to a bear hug.

“What are you talking about, its Saturday dummy.” I said hugging him tighter as he struggled.

“No, were going ice skating with Liam, Tom, Amber and Bell remember?”

“Oh, yeah, must have slipped mind.”

Amber and Bell are my best friends; Liam is Amber’s little brother and Tom is Bell’s little brother. I always thought that it was cute that my brother’s friends were my best friend’s siblings. I let my brother go and sat up on my bed, I looked out my window seeing frost glowing a delicate light blue on my cold window.

“Looks like Jack Frost has come over night.” I said with a smile.

“Who’s Jack Frost sis?” Ian asked, also looking at the frost.

“He’s the one that makes pure white snow and the chilling blizzards, haven’t I told you about him?”

“I’ve heard about him, like in sayings and all that, but I never heard that he could do all that.”

“Well I find him pretty amazing.”

“Have you seen him?”

“No, but I do believe in him.” I looked at my brother and he looked at. “Do you believe in Ian?”

“Yeah, I do sis. Hay do you think that we might see him when we go ice skating today?” he said with such enthusiasm.

“I hope so.” I smiled at him “now, start getting ready, I’ll make breakfast.”

He smiled and ran out my door, as I got up off my bed I looked at my window again. “See you there.” I whispered then walked down stairs to make breakfast.

Mean while; Gwendolyn didn’t know that the guardians were outside, listening to what she was saying to her bother about Jack, leaving them in amazement, but Jack was so touched and felt more believed in than ever.

“See you there.” Jack said smiling.

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