Light: Rise of the Guardians fanfic

Man and Moon is dying. The Guardians must find a replacement, and fast. Jack FrostxOC |Cover by Willow Angel|


3. Three

We went around the corner of our street and court up with everyone. The girls and I sat on a bench near the frozen river that the boys did ice skating tricks and laughed at their fail attempts. It was cooled but the sun was warm on our faces.

“Hay, Gwen what are you wearing for prom.” Amber asked.

“Umm, I don’t have anything yet, but I'm looking around.” I answered.

“Well, has anyone asked you yet?” asked Bell.

As I was about to answer, heard a crack.

“Gwen!” cried Ian.

I ran to the edge of the frozen river to see the boys trying to move Ian. In an instant Bell and Amber were at my side.

“What’s going on?” Said Bell confused.

“Boys get away from there right now," I insisted. "I’ll get Ian don’t worry.”

The boys did what I said; they came with tears down their faces. “The ice is breaking; he’s going to fall in.” Tom said scared for Ian.

“What!” cried the girls.

“Should we call the police?” asked Bell.

I didn’t think about it, I walked on the ice and slowly walked to Ian that I could hear quivering.

“Gwen, what are you doing, we're going to call the police-?”

“They won’t get here in time, I can get him don’t worry, you’ll just have to let me concentrate.” I said interrupting Bell. I moved closer to Ian not noticing that we were almost in the middle of the lake. “Ian look at me, everything is going to be ok.” I stretched my hand out. “Grab my hand Ian.”

As he heard the loud crack of the thick ice under his feet he stretched he hand out and grabbed mine. I pulled him in and we slid towards the edge to where the others were. As I was about to get up I froze, and saw a little girl about Ian’s age and a boy close to my age. They were playing and then the girl was about to fall in the almost broken ice, when her brother saved her, but he fell in. “Jack!” I heard her cry. I saw him sink almost to the bottom when the moon started to come out, and his hair started going white, then I heard a voice. “You are, Jack Frost.” With those four words he woke up.

I woke up trying to catch my breath, I was breathing heavily when I noticed that everyone was looking at me in shock.

“Are you crazy Gwen, you could have died, you both could have died.” Said Amber utterly horrified.

“I’m ok, thanks for asking.” I said still in shock but keep calm.

The girls helped me home and the boys keep Ian in order.  I must have had a vision about Jack Frost and his past life, but is he even real? I’ll have to investigate when I start feeling up to it, I can’t tell anyone what I saw, they'll think I'm crazy.


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