Light: Rise of the Guardians fanfic

Man and Moon is dying. The Guardians must find a replacement, and fast. Jack FrostxOC |Cover by Willow Angel|


1. One

It was dark and cold, and I could smell smoke. I opened my eyes and looked at my door. The gapes under my door were glowing red, I jumped out of bed and slowly moved forward, I held the door knob for a moment and flung it open I saw brother smiling at with red gushing flames slowly eating him up, I tried to scream “Ian, Ian run RUN!!” but no such sound came, I couldn’t speak. He just stood there looking at me. I knew that soon there would be nothing left of him I couldn’t do anything about it, I fell to my knees with tears down screaming like bloody Mary and watched him slowly disappear.

I woke up trying to breath, I was having a panic attack; I controlled my breathing and put a hand on my hart that was pounding out of my chest. I sat up on my bed looking around my room, taking a deep breath and rested back against the frame work of the bed head.

“It was only a dream, thank goodness.”

I looked at my clock on my bed side table, 4:25am. Knowing this, I put my head on my soft pillow and closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.

Mean while at the guardians hide out:

North summoned everyone for a meeting about man and moon. When everyone came they noticed something was wrong, the moon was not as bright and it didn’t say anything for a while.

“What’s going on North, what’s wrong with man and moon?” Said Bunny, trying to get answers from North while walking with Tooth, Sand Man and Jack.

When they finally made it to the main quarters, they followed the moon’s beam of light and saw an image of a human girl. They stood in silence.

“This is what man and moon has in offer for us,” said North.

“What, this is a human teenage girl, why would the man and moon want her to be a guardian?” Bunny said, confused.

“That’s not it, man and moon wants her to be his replacement, to the next man and moon.”

“What!! Why?”

Tooth and Sand Man was shocked Bunny mostly, Tooth noticed that North was struggling. She went up to North and put her hand on his shoulder.

“What has happen, North?” said Tooth with a calm and kind voice.

There was a moment of silence then North spoke “man and moon is dying.”

“What, how, what’s wrong with him?” Bunny said, on the verge of crying.

“I don’t know, but I know that if we don’t find this girl we will disappear, there won’t be wonder, dreams or hope.”

“Well, what are we standing around he for we should go get.” Bunny said with confidence.

There was a moment of silence and looking at each other. “Umm, so where is she North?”

“I don’t know, well I can’t remember her” said North a little shocked of what he was saying “I don’t even remember her name.”

“Her name is Gwendolyn.” Jack said looking at the female figure.

“Umm, how do you know this?” said Bunny, answering everyone’s question.

“Well I, umm.” Muttered Jack, having a slight blush.

“You bloody ripper, the boys got a crush.” Bunny commented while nudging Jacks arm.

“What, no......”

“Haha, Jack you have a crush, she is pretty.” Tooth commented.

*Sand Man made a love heart and smiled at jack.*

As Jack was about to protests, he shut his mouth and rested agents a wall and looked at the figure again “she’s very bright, she has a little brother that she utterly adores, if she gets bullied by mean girls at school she just goes on like nothing has been said. But what really gets me is that, she has so much wonder, so much hope. And she shares that with her brother and her friends, then they’re like a different person. She brings light to people’s life.” Jack paused then looked at them. “I think she would make a great guardian.” He stated.

“Well, Jack, lead the way” said North.

Everyone excited after Jacks preview of the mysterious teen named Gwendolyn, they have hi-hopes of her and with that they followed Jack to find her.

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