Agoraphobia is an intense fear of any situation where escape may be difficult. It often involves a fear of crowds or of being outside alone.
Lily Parker is curious and needs imagination and excitement in her ordinary day.
Ollie Harris is too afraid of the outside world to step off his front porch.

Based on true events by @Elliebubbles321


4. Chapter 4 || Curiosity and cameras

I stared at my ceiling still not fully over what happened today. Why did he want me to go? was I a threat? Was he just defending himself? maybe he is a murderer. doubt it. I ended up falling asleep, too busy lost in my thoughts to even care about the world. I got off the bus and headed to my locker, Chloe came up behind me pouting. "What?" I asked her. "I'm going home with Hollie." she groaned. Ah Hollie, how do explain Hollie Reed: Hollie is that person that has the latest clothes, the beautiful blonde hair, high pitched giggle, very welcoming voice, the warming personality - nice to literally everyone and is related to Chloe. "Sucks to be you." I said happily skipping to Drama. In drama we are doing a duet performance, I am partnered with Felix. its not that bad, at least I know him. we were practising until the bell went for recess. Felix and I headed to the table where we usually sit. I sat at the table right in the middle of Chloe and Felix kissing. "Eww." I said like a little kid. They blushed and went back to eating. I sighed not liking all the cold weather. It was the start of winter and it was freezing, well that's the weather for you. extreme summers and winters. The bell went and I headed to English. Our teacher, Miss Green said that we have an English essay. We could choose between persuasive or made up text. I decided to go with made up. It took me ages to decided on what I was going to write about, then I had an idea, something that would hopefully give me at leased a B average on grades. The boy from yesterday. - "Your what?" Chloe asked as we were leaving the school property. "You heard me, I'm going back to the forest." I said. "But what if you get kidnapped or worse, killed!" She shrieked. "I'll be fine." I promised her as I got on the bus. At Chloe's stop she hugged me and whispered "Be safe." In my ear. I smiled at her before putting in my headphones and blocking out the world. Once I got home I grabbed something to eat and went out the back door into the forest. I climbed the tree trying to get a good picture of the scenery, okay. Maybe something else. I saw the boy out of the corner of my eye, "What are you doing? You should leave." He said. I ignored him. "Hi!" I said. "Why do you keep coming back?" He asked. "Because I'm curious." I said. getting down from the tree. we started walking around his house together. "Why do you have a camera with you?" He asked looking at it. "I love photography." I said. He took it off me and said "I don't want you secretly taking pictures of me or my house. I know you're curious but I don't want you stalking me." I agreed and we made a deal that I wouldn't come back. He showed me his study. "I'm home schooled." He explained. "Why are you showing me this but I'm never allowed back?" I asked. "I don't actually know." He smiled. "So where are your parents?" I asked. He stopped walking and his face paled as he froze. "You are never allowed to talk about my parents again, got that?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm sorry." I stuttered. "Well you should probably leave now" He said looking at me. "Fine, one more thing." I started. " What?" He cocked one eyebrow up. "I know we won't see each other again but I want to tell you, my name is Lily." I said. "That's a nice name," He said making me blush. "My name is Ollie." He said. I said goodbye and he grabbed my wrist. "Don't let anyone else find me, never tell anyone where I live." He said, first I thought he was joking but his face says otherwise. "Why?" I questioned. "Please just please never tell anyone, I want you to forget about this. Forget about me." He said and head back inside. I replayed his words over and over in my mind. All the way back home. Oooh something's going on here. Sorry about the short chapters! I'm trying and trying but its not really working. But soon the chapters will be longer! I love you guys. Remember to LIKE RATE COMMENT VOTE :) Ellie xx
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