Agoraphobia is an intense fear of any situation where escape may be difficult. It often involves a fear of crowds or of being outside alone.
Lily Parker is curious and needs imagination and excitement in her ordinary day.
Ollie Harris is too afraid of the outside world to step off his front porch.

Based on true events by @Elliebubbles321


19. Chapter 17 || Forgiveness

Lily sighed silently tapping her binder folders whilst waiting for her friends to board the bus to school. "Hey Lily!" Chloe greeted sitting next to her giving her a hug. Lily waved but stayed silent. Chloe left Lily to go sit with her other friends, she sighed as Felix came up to her. "I want to give you something after school, meet me at the office." He smiled at her. Lily smiled back - actually meaning it this time. As lunch came around, Lily packed up her books and headed to the library - somewhere she doesn't usually go unless she has homework. She went to the desk to pick up the map books she had reserved earlier. She thought they might help with finding where Ollie's mother lives. As she placed them on the table she spotted her friends walking towards her direction. They all sat down placing their books in front of them. "This places stinks, literally," Chloe muttered, crossing her arms over her book. "They should close libraries," she said. "But if we closed down the libraries, the people who do use them would need their own iPads or something." Ryland pointed out. "Exactly what I'm saying," Chloe made a face. "But, libraries are cool." Grace waved her book in front of Chloe. "Of course you like libraries, you are a geek." Chloe snorted, scratching the excess nail polish off her nails. "Is that even for homework?" Lily eyed Grace's book. Grace rolled her eyes whilst holding up her book. "No. I just hang out here. It's better here than anything else to do during lunch." "Like I said before, geek." Chloe murmured. Felix starred at Lily's lips giving her a knowing glance. "You know, there's something I do like about libraries." Lily gaped at him trying to cover her smile, took one look at him and found him winking at her. Lily buried her face in her arms lightly giggling. "Oh god, please don't do that here," Chloe gagged looking away, covering her face with her book . "At least no when I'm around." Grace pretended to vomit shifting her attention back to her book. Lily closed her eyes trying to block the image of her and Felix out of her mind. Growing up in a very sheltered and Christian home, Lily wouldn't dare to think of sex before marriage. In fact, none of them did. Unless one of them fancied someone and had sexual innuendos in their minds with each other. "What are you reading, Lily?" Ryland's voice interrupted her thoughts. He raised one eyebrow up looking at the books in front of her. Lily swallowed nervously. "Just some studies," she answered. Chloe gave her an unamused look, "I'm failing history. I thought I might be a good idea to do some research." She shrugged. "Huh, finally started putting in some hardworking for your assignments. Thought you wouldn't." Grace smirked. Lily ignored her friends continuing to read. If she was going to find anything about Ollie's mother, it would be in these books. She didn't need to explain this situation with her friends, it was Ollie's personal life and Lily didn't want to break his trust, again. Lily sighed, flicking through the maps. Her eyes instantly flickered to where Chloe was as she started becoming loud. "I did the same thing last time, this place sucks!" She yelled. "Chloe! Sit down and shut up!" Grace hissed at her. "Chloe," they all groaned at her when they saw the librarian come over. "Can you guys please exit the library." The librarian demanded. All five teenagers packed up their stuff and walked out of the building. "Look what you did idiot," Grace stuck her tongue out at her. "What I did? Oh please. You are in there all the time. You needed some vitamin D, so I gave you some." She smiled confidently. "How much longer do we have until school ends?" Lily asked. Chloe twisted her lip to the side looking at her watch. About and hour and a half." She huffed. Lily looked at Felix. "Is there anyway you could give me what you wanted to now?" She hoped. He shook his head. "I'm sorry, but I really want you to get by the end of the day." He said. Lily nodded and walked to class. Their gym coach blew her whistle and the class began to run laps, do push-ups, sit-ups and other assorted types of physical activity. As the bell went, Lily grabbed her bag and went to the office. "You wanted me?" She smiled at Felix. He smiled and handed her an envelope. Lily looked at the little envelope, it looked like a nine year old made it. She smiled back at him. "Thanks," she said. "Read it when you get home or are alone." He said before walking off. Lily got out her bus card and ran down to the bus shelter. Once she was seated she opened up the small paper envelope. Inside was a piece of paper that was folded numerous times. Her eyes landed at the start of the writing and she started reading, To my dearest Lily, Thank you for being my friend, in life and in my heart. You are the world to me And you will never fade from my mind. Lily Parker, The wonderful, gorgeous, smart, cute and amazing girl..., I am blessed to be in the same generation with you. When I first saw you, you walked into the classroom. I made eye contact with you for one second, and during that second, I felt something. I felt like we had more to each other than friendship. These days I'm a real jerk, you make me want to be a better person so, so much. When I look into your eyes now, I want to say; I love you. Because I do, and I have wanted to tell you for SO long. I am sorry I'm not telling you in person and I'm sorry about the other day. I know this apology is no where near good enough for you to forgive me but I just want you to know; I'm no where near good enough either. So maybe with this letter and me, we could make it work. I love you so much and I just hope you feel the same way. Just please think about it. I want to be with you so much. So now I say good bye. To the most loveable and important person in my life. I love you xoxo - Felix. Lily covered up her mouth. She thought it was very sweet of him to right a note like that. And Lily being Lily; will forgive anyone in a heartbeat. Especially one of her friends. As Lily got home, she noticed neither her mother or father were home. Only her sister. "Where is mum and dad?" She asked grapping and apple. "They went out on a date; disgusting," her sister replied. "Didn't know they still went on dates," Lily stated. "I know it's so gross." Abigail said placing her phone on the kitchen counter. "Well I'm going," she said to her little sister. "What?" Abigail asked. "I'm heading over to Ryland's house for a 'study date' with everyone." Lily told her. Abigail shrugged, "Okay, have fun and tell them I said hi!" She said as Lily opened the front door. "Will do!" Lily hollered closing the door. She sighed and headed for Ollie's house. Lily opened the front door and walked into the house she had been visiting frequently. "Ollie, it's Lily." She called walking up the stairs to find Ollie not in his room. "Ollie?" Her eyes widened. "Ollie!" She screamed racing down the stairs. Lily heard a faint scream and bolted to where it was, the back yard. She opened the back door, finding Ollie with his knees held to his chest and his whole body shaking. "Eliza is out," he started. "I tried to stop it." He pointed somewhere, Lily saw Ollie's arm bleeding and followed to where it was leading. One of his house windows was now shattered with little shards of glass all around. "Ollie, what happened?" Lily asked frantically. "He was here." *** BOOM, Soz I decided to be mean and leave it on a cliffhanger. Just remember I'm updating this quite fast until around chapter 20. Okay bye. Also, up who agrees that Melanie Martinez is one of the most attractive women in the world and has a beautiful voice. Coz, Damn. Oh, yeah. The note that Felix gave Lily; I copied off a note someone gave me, so I didn't make that up. LIKE RATE COMMENT VOTE :) Ellie xx
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