Agoraphobia is an intense fear of any situation where escape may be difficult. It often involves a fear of crowds or of being outside alone.
Lily Parker is curious and needs imagination and excitement in her ordinary day.
Ollie Harris is too afraid of the outside world to step off his front porch.

Based on true events by @Elliebubbles321


18. Chapter 16 || Lilo and Stitch

Definition: Lilo; lost Stitch; pulled together Sentence: lost and pulled together the two were. I sighed fanning myself as I walked into homeroom. It was a thirty two degree day and I was nearly sweating. I rested my head on top of my pencil case and books as the class came in. Chloe mouthed something to me I couldn't understand. "What?" I asked her as she came over to me leaning on the desk. "Look at who's sitting next to you doofus," she spat. I turned over and saw Felix. Chloe laughed at me and sat down, Grace came in as the teacher was marking the roll. "Sorry, stupid siblings wouldn't get ready in time." She apologized. Our teacher nodded and kept marking the roll. Whilst our teacher was praying, I silently prayed that today would be a good day for two reasons; one, It's a hot day. Two, I'm stuck with an idiot know by the name Felix for the whole day. "Amen," he said cutting me out of my thoughts. "What do we have?" Chloe whispered to me. "Manual Arts," I whispered back. "Crap, I left my sketch book at home. Can I borrow yours?" She asked sinking into her chair. "Why did you have it at home?" I asked rising out of my seat. "That doesn't matter," she waved her hands about. "What does matter is, if I can borrow a few pages out of your sketch book." She said. "Yeah sure, I'm not using my book today. I'm painting." I replied. "Yes, Thank you so much! I love you, see you in class!" She hugged kissing me on the cheek and waving me off. I ran down the stairs, nearly late for class. I tried to spot Chloe in the midst of everyone. I saw her sitting with Sienna and Georgie, well that's my chance blown of sitting with my only friend for this class. I looked around for another spot. I could always sit with Claire, she isn't that bad; just really smart and doesn't realize when she is bragging about it. "Hey Claire," I greeted sitting next to her. "Hello Lily." She said getting her canvas to paint on. "The painting room light is green, I'm going in. See ya," she said grabbing her stuff and walking through the wooden doors. I decided to do the same, grabbing my canvas and tools I walked through the doors and found a spot. Halfway through third period, someone came up behind me. Felix. We have both been on rough terms lately. Chloe says he must be one his man period. Felix came up behind me and wiped his excess paint on my shirt. "What the hell are you doing?!" I screamed at him. "Well I need to put it somewhere, plus the sink is too far away." He gave a smug smirk. I tried to stop him but he had already done it. "Now it looks like someone threw up on you." He cackled. I ignored him and kept painting. "Hey I'm talking to you," he yelled at me. "What." I spat. "Nevermind, you're too dumb to get it." He laughed. I scoffed at his 'so called' insult. "Wow, you're so funny Felix." I rolled my eyes. I sat up to wash my paint brush. I rinsed the brush under water until all the colours disappeared and it was back to clean running water. I walked back to my chair to paint again. As I was sitting down, I heard screeching. I sat down but not on my chair. My butt was on the floor and behind me was the one and only Felix holding my chair laughing. "I hate you!" I yelled trying not to curse. "You're such an idiot. You could hear me pulling the chair out from under you but you still sat down." He said in between laughs. Why is he still laughing? It's not that funny! I yanked my chair back and sat on it. I tried to hold back tears as the boys in the class thought it was so funny that Felix yanked the chair from underneath me. After about ten minutes I had had enough. I bursted out of the Manual arts room in tears. I sat on the nearby bench, wiping my eyes. "Lily, what's wrong?" A girl asked me. "Nothing, just having some trouble." I explained looking up to Sophie - one of Grace's friends. She nodded holding my hand, "If you ever need anything, just come find me. Okay?" She said. I nodded. Sophie walked off. In hotter days, the library is closed during lunch break and recess. Which doesn't bother me since I have gymnastics at lunch during those days. I got changed and ready then headed to the Understorey where we usually do gym. After about ten cartwheels and walk overs, our coach told us we could go. I got dressed back into my usual clothes and got ready for science. My tailbone was aching from Manual Arts this morning, it was really hard not telling anyone. I walked into science expecting my normal teacher but instead we got a substitute. "Okay guys, we are doing a test today since you've got exams next week." A heap of groans escaped multiple mouths. I was halfway through the test. There was a question I was stuck on; What does Hydro mean in Greek? A) Fast B) Water C) Gas D) Air I have studied this for ages, but having a mental blank was angering me. "I know it's either A or B," I whispered to my self. Instead of going with my gut, I went with what my brain told me to and that was pick [A] Usually our teacher would mark our tests, but this teacher is different. "I'm going to hand your tests out and you'll mark whoever's test you get." She said, great. I got handed Chloe's test, I hoped she got mine. As the teacher came up to the question I was stuck on she said. "Question thirteen's answer is B, water." She said. Damn it! As the teacher came around giving us our own tests I quickly read over mine. How stupid are you to think Hydro meant fast! It's water Stupid! - Felix. Are you joking?! I covered my mouth with the filthy words he spoke in his other comments, making a couple tears come in contact with the paper. I was silent the whole time we packed up. As I exited the science lab, Felix came up to me. "Did you get my note?" He asked smiling. "Yeah, I did." I sighed. When the teacher dismissed us, I put my books in my bag as quick as I could. "I still can't believe you thought Hydro meant fast." Felix had an evil smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and walked away. Tears hadn't come yet. "Stupid," he muttered. I turned around as one tear slipped out. "Listen, I know I'm dumb. Don't remind me." I cried walking away. My phone dinged signalling I had a notification. I opened up my messages and noticed it was from mum. Mama Bear: Dad is on a golfing weekend, I'll pick you up xxx smiling at her text! I rushed to the nearby car park and spotted her car almost instantly. I opened up the door and sat for a minute before turning to my mother. "Do you know how much of a jerk Felix is!" I exclaimed. "What do you mean?" She asked, "Nevermind." I sighed sinking into the leather car seat. "Hey mum," I started. "Can we talk about something?" "Sure," she smiled. "What is it?" "For the past few months I've been going out a lot more than usual," I said. "The reason I have been going out so much is, I have made a new friend." I bit my lip. She looked at me, "Go on." She said. "He's really nice and friendly and," I was cut off by her. "Wait, wait. What?! This is a boy?" She asked. I nodded cautiously. "He is really friendly but he is terrified to leave his property. So he doesn't know where we live." I said. "Sweetheart, you don't know anything about him. He could kill you!" She shrieked. "But mum, I do know him. I've been seeing him four a few months now." I reminded. "I'm sorry, I don't want to sound mean but I don't want you seeing him again." What. "No, mum. You can't be serious." I said. "I'm sorry but I don't want my baby getting hurt." She said. "I'm not your baby anymore! I can make my own decisions." I groaned. "You'll always be my baby," she said. "I don't want you to leave me." She croaked. "Mum, I won't leave you." I reminded her, she nodded. It was a silent car trip after that. When we got home I rushed to my room and dialled Chloe's number. "Hello?" She spoke. "Hey, I told mum about Ollie." I said. "What did she say?" Chloe begged. "I'm not allowed to go see him." I told her. "What?! No, Lily. You have to." She said. "I know! What am I going to do?" I asked her. "Pack your bag! Tell her you are going to mine or Grace's house. Then go to Ollie's house." She told me. "Won't that be suspicious? Mum just said I couldn't go to Ollie's house and then I say I'm going to yours?" I asked. "There is only one way to find out." She said before hanging up. After packing my bag, I told my mother I was going to Chloe's house. "Alright," she shrugged. I looked at her funny before leaving my house and heading to Ollie's. I opened the front door and crept up to Ollie's room. It felt like I hadn't been here in ages. I opened the door and covered my mouth to stop myself from making any sort of noise. Ollie was on his bed, fast asleep. With multiple letters and tissues covering his bed. I glanced at a couple notes noticing they were about me. There was one that looked unfinished, I quickly read it. Lily, Maybe this seems sudden, but I think you're a really amazing girl and one of a kind. You're cool, funny, and super cute. And I really like you I was disrupted when I saw a figure sitting up. "What are you doing here?" Ollie asked tiredly rubbing his eyes and flattening his bed hair. "Ollie, I, I'm sorry." I apologised. "Save it, we're not going to do the whole cliché thing were, I apologise and you apologise then we live happily ever after." He said. "I wasn't trying to, look Ollie. I can't stand being away from you knowing that something might happen to you and I'm not there." I told him. He ran his hand through his hair. "Lily, I love you." He croaked. "I love you too, Ollie." I said. Ollie stayed silent for a while. "I should head home," I said picking up my bag. "Mum doesn't want me seeing you anymore." I told him. Ollie's face went pale. "What?" He stuttered, "Lily, no. I have to keep seeing you. You've given me so much confidence I can't loose you." He pleaded. "Then why don't you go and tell her that?" I asked him. "Lily, you know I can't do that." He stated. "This is so annoying!" I groaned. "Sometimes I wish you could go outside. It would be a lot easier and less suspicious." I said. Ollie looked hurt, like someone had broken his heart. Oh God, I broke Ollie's heart. "Ollie, you know I didn't mean that," I said. He didn't look convinced. "Ollie, please know that I love you so much and I didn't mean anything I said," before I could say anymore he smashed his lips into mine. "It's okay, Lily. I forgive you." He smiled into the kiss. "I thought we weren't going to do the whole, I apologise and so do you then we forgive each other and live happily ever after." I reminded him. "Oops." *** HOLA, MY BABES. I'm going to try and update this as quick as I can until I reach around chapter 20 then I'll go back to my original updating process. Guess what??.... I FINISHED EXAMS AND THIS TERM!!!! Term three is finished now one more to go and I'm done for the year!!! I have three weeks off now so I'll probably update a lot. Also, the bullying Felix did in this chapter did happen in real life - to me. And an Understorey is like a gym but the floor is made of one huge crash mat. Lol, I'm watching Home alone 2. Marv is my favourite of all time!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!1!!! LIKE RATE COMMENT VOTE :) Ellie xx
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