Agoraphobia is an intense fear of any situation where escape may be difficult. It often involves a fear of crowds or of being outside alone.
Lily Parker is curious and needs imagination and excitement in her ordinary day.
Ollie Harris is too afraid of the outside world to step off his front porch.

Based on true events by @Elliebubbles321


16. Chapter 15 || The Cafe

It had been four and a half months since Lily met Ollie. And ever since then she had been pressuring him into telling her his story. Lily decided that she needed to get to know Eliza too if this relationship would continue. She dialed their home phone number and waited for some one to answer. "Hello?" The other person said. "Hi, its Lily." Lily spoke through the phone. "Ah, Lily. Do you want me to get Ollie for you?" Eliza asked. "No actually," she giggled, "Are you busy at all, like right now?" "I don't think so, why?" Eliza asked. "I wanted to see if you would like to come to Mimi's Café for a cup of tea." Lily wondered. "Sure, I'll be there soon." Eliza said hanging up and getting her bag. Lily quickly fixed her make up and walked to the nearby café downtown. Lily awaited for Eliza to come, soon enough she saw her walk in. Her long brown hair was in ringlets and she had a blood red colored shirt. Eliza smiled as she saw Lily and walked over to the table Lily was sitting at. "So, why did you want me to come here?" Eliza asked. "We may want to get some tea or something first - its going to be a long chat." Lily informed. Once the two bought their beverages and sat down, "Okay. I wanted you to tell me about Ollie." Lily started. "What do you mean? I thought you already knew." Eliza raised one eyebrow up. "Ollie has only told me a bit, I want you to tell me about his mother, his past life," said Lily. Eliza nodded sighing, "I knew Ollie's mother, Melanie very well, we were best friends. Then she started going out, getting drunk, sometimes having sex, coming back and crying then not coming out to eat or do anything. It went on repeat for months. I had to pay the rent to the apartment we shared because she got fired. But then one night she went out, had sex, came back and the next morning she screamed." Eliza sighed. "I rushed to her room and saw the many pregnancy tests all saying positive," she sniffed. "Ollie," Lily said for her. Eliza nodded taking a sip of her pumpkin latte. "When Melanie was about seven months pregnant the 'father' tried to kill Ollie. He pushed Mel to a wall - hoping to hit the child. He succeeded, apparently Ollie was either dead or would be disabled. Either way, Melanie still had to give birth." Lily listened very closely to Eliza taking sips of her hot chocolate. "Please, do go on." She said. "Well, when the time came. Ollie was born. The doctors were looking for anything wrong with the way he looked, they couldn't find anything. All they found was a cut on his stomach. He still has it to this day." Eliza said. "Melanie didn't want anymore kids, but she knew she had to find a job. When things got desperate, Mel picked the job that would give her more money but she wouldn't be near home. I agreed to look after Ollie while she was away. That was three years ago, Ollie nor I have seen her since." Eliza said wiping her eyes. "What about the father?" Lily asked. "He's gone, killed himself when he realised Ollie survived. He was a horrible man. I hated him." She glared out the window. Lily nodded, "Thank you for all of this, and I think it's best if we don't tell Ollie." Lily said in a hushed tone. "I agree," Eliza said. "Well I have to go get some groceries for dinner tonight, bye Lily!" She said leaving the café. Lily sighed picking up her bag and called Chloe. "About time you talked to me," the voice said through the phone. "I was busy okay." Lily defended. "Of course you were, I bet it was with Ollie." Lily could feel Chloe smirking on the other end of the phone. "Do you want to hang out?" Lily asked. "Nah, sorry. I have to finish the history assignment, forgot to do it." Chloe said. "Okay, bye lovely!" Lily said hanging up. Lily walked to the gift store, it's been a while since she bought Ollie something and felt like doing something nice. She entered the store and picked out a book that she thought he would like. Lily went up to the counter to pay for it. "Hi," the cashier said. "Hey." Lily said looking up. "Felix?!" She screamed. He nodded scanning the book, "Is that your girlfriend Felix?" Someone else from behind the counter asked. "Yeah, she's beautiful ain't she?" Felix said, Lily put on a fake smile. "Well go on, kiss her." The man from behind Felix said, Felix reached over the counter and placed his lips on Lily's. She hated this so much but couldn't stop. The two heard a gasp from the store door, Lily broke the kiss to look but she only saw a bit of a red sweater. Eliza. "I have to go," she said getting money out and throwing it at the counter. "Keep the change." She said running out and right to Ollie's house. When Lily arrived at Ollie's house, she bolted for the front door. Locked. She hunted for her front key but then remembered that she left it in Ollie's room. She cursed under her breath. "Maybe there's a back door...," she wondered walking around the house. Her eyes rested on an old wooden door, she turned the door knob, it opened. Lily found herself in the living room. She hurried upstairs and into Ollie's room where Eliza was hugging his shaking body. "Ollie," Lily murmured catching their attention. "What do you want?" Ollie snapped. "Ollie, what's wrong?" Lily asked sitting on the bed. "Lily, please don't. I saw it with my own eyes." Eliza said. Lily scoffed. "Ollie, don't you remember what I told you?" Lily asked. The forlorn boy wiped his eyes and nodded. "Yes," he said taking Lily's hand and leading her downstairs. "Lily, I love you but you're going to have to give me some time. You broke my trust?" Ollie said pushing Lily outside the house. "What?" Lily asked. "Eliza told me about your little cafe date." Ollie said slamming the front door. Lily reached into her bag and put his present on the front porch. "Here, this is for you." Lily walked home in tears. She opened the front door and quickly ran upstairs. She slammed her bedroom door and screamed into her pillow. She just laid there, crying on her bed. Not caring about anything. Just feeling numb. HELLO! This was a sad chapter, it was also quite short ._. Oops. Also, pls go check out my new story, Philomena. Thank you ily guys! LIKE RATE COMMENT VOTE :) Ellie xx
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