Agoraphobia is an intense fear of any situation where escape may be difficult. It often involves a fear of crowds or of being outside alone.
Lily Parker is curious and needs imagination and excitement in her ordinary day.
Ollie Harris is too afraid of the outside world to step off his front porch.

Based on true events by @Elliebubbles321


15. Chapter 14 || Bittersweet Study date

Lily sat at her desk in homeroom with her eyes closed listening to her teachers prayer. "Amen." The teacher finished as Lily's class got up and made their way to their lockers. Lily opened her locker getting her books and started walking to her first class of the day, math. When recess came, Lily bought herself and Grace a tea and sat with her friends at a nearby table. "What are you doing this afternoon, Lily?" Chloe asked her. "I'm just going to see Ollie," Lily shrugged half in conversation half in her own little world. "Who?" "Oh," Lily slapped the palm of her hand to her forehead. "You guys weren't meant to know about that." She says internally cursing. "What?! Are you saying you kept a secret from me!?" Chloe screamed, eyes twitching too. Lily laughed and nodded. "Yes Chloe, but don't worry. I'm sure he won't mind me telling you guys - I'm just not allowed to show you where he lives." She said. "Oh poo. I wanted to meet him." Chloe huffed. "When can we meet this..., person?" Grace chimed in. "Never!" Lily yelled. The two other girls looked taken aback. "What do you mean?" They asked. "I mean, Ollie doesn't want people to know where he lives or about him. That day I and Chloe climbed the tree was the first time I saw him. Guys, you can't pressure him into doing something he doesn't want to do," Lily told them. "And if that means he doesn't want you guys to meet him, you're going to have to except that." She said. "I still don't see how you could have kept this from us." Chloe states. Lily shrugs taking a sip of her tea, "So, tell us all about him." Grace encouraged. Lily sighed, "Okay," The three girls spent the whole half an hour of recess talking about Lily's secret lover. Soon enough it was Lily's favorite time of the day, three o'clock. Usually Lily wouldn't mind school but ever since she met Ollie she has been more and more eager to leave. Lily collected her books that she needed for homework and walked to the car park with Grace. "So you are alright with coming home with me?" Grace asked her. "Yes, I'm fine with it. I've been to your house countless times, plus I don't mind seeing the little munchkins again." Lily giggled. Grace has two younger siblings, Charlie and Piper. Piper is ten years of age and has dirty blonde hair just like her older sister. Charlie is seven and has bright blonde hair and blue eyes just like his sister and parents. "Are you serious?" Grace asked, "You want to see them?!" She rolled opening her mothers car door. "Hiya Mother," Grace said sweetly. "Hi girls," her mother greeted. "I brought some brownie I made earlier," she said and the two teenage girls took some almost instantly. When the two little ones came, Grace's mum started the car and they drove to their house. After about an hour of studying, Lily started getting bored. She flicked her pen on the paper a few times until her phone rang. "Hello," she spoke through the phone. "Hi, could you come over?" "Sure, I'll be there as quick as I can." "Okay, bye." Ollie Lily packed up her books, "Sorry Grace. I have to go." Lily said. "Mum wants me." She lied. "Thank you Mrs Irons." Lily hollered running out the door and getting some money out of her pocket. She paid the bus driver and got on the local bus to go to Ollie's house. Lily arrived at the familiar house and ran inside to see Ollie with a shocked expression on his face holding what looked to be a cup of some sort of hot beverage. "I got here as quick as I could," she puffed. "Whats wrong?" "I just wanted you to come over so I wouldn't be lonely while studying. Nothing is wrong." He told her. Lily rolled her eyes, "You could have said that over the phone." She groaned, "I didn't think you would have run all the way here." He laughed. "Alright, fine. Shall we begin our 'study date'?" Lily giggled. "Okay sure," Ollie said guiding Lily to his library. Lily and Ollie were happily studying biology when Lily thought about something to talk to Ollie about. "Ollie, I need to talk to you about something." She said seriously. "I'm listening," he said. "You know the other day, when you saw that guy talk to me about the girlfriend thing?" She asked him. Ollie's jaw clenched, "Yeah..., where is this going?" He asked. "Listen to me before you assume anything," she said. "There is a guy at my school, he likes me and is forcing me to be his girlfriend. He thinks that if he likes a girl that he is friends with - they're dating." Before Lily could go any further, Ollie cut her off. "So you're saying you are two timing with some other guy I don't know about?" He asked a little angry. "No, that's the thing. I don't want to date him, but he wants to date me." She says. Ollie nodded his head understandingly. "Okay, so you're only dating me?" He asked, Lily nodded. "Which makes me want to bring something else up?" Lily said. "Me too," said Ollie. Lily had been wanting to just stay friends with Ollie, not anything else. "You go first," Lily said. "I'm sorry if I upset you and I understand if you don't want to see me again," he said. Lily nervously nodded. "I, um. I kind of want us to just be friends." He said. Lily felt relieved. "I was going to say the same thing." She smiled. "Do you mean that or are you just saying that?" Ollie asked. "No. I mean it. Don't get me wrong. I love you but if my mum found out I would be dead. If I am just friends with you. There is nothing to worry about." Ollie smiled, "Okay. I just have one thing to ask from you," he said. "That you don't date that guy at school." He said in stern way. Lily scoffed, "Please, I promise I won't. He is more of a jerk than a 'guy'," she said. Ollie nodded. "We should get back to studying." Ollie suggested. "Yeah." Lily agreed. "Do you still want to find your mother?" Lily asked after about ten minutes of silence. "I do, but. How? I don't leave my property and I don't want you to put you at risk." He said protectively. "Well what will we do?" Lily asked. A knock at the door interrupted their thoughts, "Hey guys, I'm going out for a while. Feel free to eat anything." Eliza said smiling and closing the door. The two went downstairs to get something to eat. Lily took one of her favorite cookies from Ollie's pantry and sat down at the kitchen counter. "I have an idea of how we could do it." Ollie said taking a bite of his apple and leaning against the counter. "And that is..," Lily asked. Looking at him. "I'll come with you." He said. "I'll face my fear and go look for my mum with you." *** YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM TO WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTERS OF THE STORY OMFG!!!! Also I have a new story coming out!!! Go check it out!! And in the cast, Ollie is played by Niall Horan but this isn't a Niall Horan fafic!!! If I get any comment about that I will be angry. The only reason is because in real life, Ollie actually looks like Niall. So, yeah. LIKE RATE COMMENT VOTE :) Ellie xx
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