Agoraphobia is an intense fear of any situation where escape may be difficult. It often involves a fear of crowds or of being outside alone.
Lily Parker is curious and needs imagination and excitement in her ordinary day.
Ollie Harris is too afraid of the outside world to step off his front porch.

Based on true events by @Elliebubbles321


13. Chapter 12 || Kitchen Madness

Lily approached Ollie's house with excitement. There still was something in the back of her mind about Felix's text. She carefully grabbed the key that Ollie gave her out of her back pocket and opened the door - that is never unlocked. Walking through the front hall she was greeted by Eliza. "Good afternoon Lily." She greeted smiling. "Good afternoon to you too," Lily smiled. "Is Ollie up yet?" She asked hopefully. "I'm afraid not. He looked like he hadn't slept in a dogs age so I left him. But, that was about an hour ago. You can go and see if he is awake if you want." Eliza said walking into the kitchen. Lily ran up the auburn wooden staircase and down the hallway to Ollie's room. Peeking through the slightly closed door, Lily saw Ollie asleep on his bed. She crept through the bedroom - trying not to wake up the sleeping Ollie. Having the chance and taking it, Lily jumped onto the bed where Ollie's figure laid earning a loud groan to escape his mouth. "Rise and shine." Lily beamed. Ollie kissed Lily's cheek making her blush at the tired looking boy. "You look like you have a massive hangover." She giggled as he playfully hit her with one of his pillows. "What time is it?" Ollie asked snuggling back down into his comforter with only one eye open. "About five in the afternoon." Lily guessed. Ollie's eyes lit up - as if he remembered something, he reached over to his nightstand and grabbed a square shaped navy blue box. "I got this for you." He smiled handing it to her. Inside was a beautiful silver necklace shaped as a love heart. One side had a tree engraved in it and the other had a camera, Lily adored the necklace but was confused with the pictures. She gave him a confused look, "The camera is the day I told you to not come back but secretly wanted you to and the tree is how we first met." He explained. Lily smiled looking down at the piece of jewelry. "Do you like it?" He asked biting his nails - which he always does when he is nervous. "Yes Ollie, I love it so much!" Lily said hugging him and kissing his cheek. "Come on," Ollie said grabbing Lily's hand and leading to the kitchen downstairs. "What do you want to eat?" Ollie asked Lily. "Oh, I'll be right. I'm not hungry." She lied. The top corner of Ollie's lip twitched into a smile as he began to chuckle. "Lily, I heard your stomach growling in the bedroom." He laughed. "Stalker much?" Lily fake scoffed. The two both decided on pancakes. Lily knew how to make pancakes - Ollie, not so much. Which is why giving him the responsibility to whisk the pancake batter was a bad idea. "Lily, I'm such a pro. Look!" Ollie exclaimed whisking the batter so much most of it was on the floor. "Hold on," Lily said laughing as she came to help the poor boy with batter all over him - and was tangled in electrical cords. "Here, let me help you." She smiled prying the bowl, whisk and using the pad of her thumb to wipe away the flour on his face. They both smiled at each other before Lily put the batter on the hot plate. "How long will this take?" Ollie asked impatient. "About ten minutes." Lily shrugged, Ollie nodded. About three minutes had gone by and Lily saw the face Ollie was making and already knew what he wanted. "Do you want to flip the pancake?" She asked smirking at the boy who nodded vigorously. Lily gave him the fry pan and Ollie started flipping the pancake, he was fairly good at it until. "Oops." He blushed. Lily laughed at the red faced boy who had just fell over - luckily the pancakes were okay. "Are you okay?" She asked giggling at the boy on the floor, "I think I'll be okay, but just in case - kiss me to make it all better." Ollie suggested. Lily fake scoffed, "Yeah right. I'll make a deal with you, if you catch me, you will get two kisses - on the lips. Lily smirked. "Deal," Ollie said putting his hand out for Lily to shake. Shortly after, Lily went running through the kitchen door and up the stairs with Ollie behind her. Ollie wrapped one of his arms around Lily's waist hoisting her into the air. "Wow, your light." Ollie laughed. "Put me down!" Lily screamed laughing. "No thanks," Ollie laughed before putting Lily down. Lily started walking back to the kitchen before hearing. "Ahem," escape Ollie's lips. She looked at the boy with confusion written on her face. Ollie walked up to her hooking his finger to her chin smirking. "I believe you forgot our deal." He smirked. Lily blushed then pulled her boyfriend in for a passionate kiss. "Thank you, we can save the second one for later." He smiled after breaking the kiss. Lily went wide eyed, "What do you mean?" Lily stumbled. "You'll have to wait an see, its not that bad - I promise." Lily would usually shudder if someone said those words to her, I promise. But there was something about Ollie that made him..., different. "The pancakes are ready." Lily called before hearing a faint "Coming." From Ollie. The two ate the pancakes that were fairly good Lily thought. "These actually turned out well." Lily said studying the pancake. "That's because I helped, and I added an ingredient." Ollie smiled. Lily started to panic, thinking about what ingredient Ollie added. "What did you add?" She asked frantically about to spit out her food. "Love." He said simply. Lily glared at Ollie - who was looking away trying not to laugh and eating his pancake. "You are the most cliché person I have ever met." She smiled. "You are the most cliché person I've ever met." He said tucking a strand of her dirty blonde hair behind her ear. "And the most beautiful." He said making Lily blush. The two walked out onto Ollie's front porch - the place he always let her go. "I'm sorry I can't walk you the full way home." He sighed sadly. Lily rolled her eyes placing the tip of her hands on Ollie's cheeks so he was facing her. "Ollie, listen to me. I don't care if you never get over this fear. As long as I get to see you - I'll be fine okay?" She said slightly annoyed that he would always bring this conversation up. Before Lily could walk away Ollie smashed his lips into Lily's. Lily granted access of Ollie's tongue to explore her mouth as she tugged his soft and shaggy blonde hair. Lily broke the kiss shortly after gasping for air. "That was two." The pair laughed before Lily's phone interrupted them. Time to get home love, dinner is ready ;) - Mum xox. Lily giggled at her mum's text. "I'll see you later." She said hugging Ollie one last time and leaving his property. As Lily got closer to the loud and busier side of town she thought about what Ollie was like. It seemed as if he wasn't fully there and someone was watching them. She pushed all of her negative thoughts about today aside and opened her front door. - "How is dinner girls?" Lily's mother asked Lily and her sister. "Good." Abigail said. "Yeah its good." Lily said picking at her food. "Is something wrong, love?" Lily's mum asked taking a sip of water. "No, I'm just tired." Lily shrugged, finishing the rest of her food she put her dishes away and headed upstairs. She laid on her bed, lost in thoughts about earlier. Lily got out her diary an started to write about her day, like she always does after seeing Ollie. After filling in a paragraph of paper, she closed her diary and got ready for bed. As Lily laid in bed, she thought about Ollie over and over again. Something about him this time seemed, different. 'It's like he wasn't fully there.' She thought to herself. 'I mean, he wasn't missing any arms or legs but it seems as if he was almost - see through. She snuggled into her duvet and drifted off to sleep, thinking about if Ollie really was see through or not. Maybe that could have something to do with him not leaving his front porch. Or maybe, this is just the start of the journey for Lily and Ollie. Hello beautifuls. We're getting our house painted right now so updates might be a bit tricky but I'll try. Hope you like this chapter and stay tuned - next chapter will have some drama in it :) okay, bye! xxx LIKE RATE COMMENT VOTE :) Ellie xx
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