Justin's girlfriend

Have u ever wondered what it would be to be Justin biebers girlfriend? Well u will find out if u read this story����


2. The news😊😀😊

I was a Friday when I got a phone call from Hannah I wasn't surprised she is my best friend so I answered

Hannah: Hey girl whats up?

Me: Nothing much just sitting watching tv why what's wrong?

Hannah: Oh nothing just got tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert and there VIP tickets so we get to meet him too isn't that great?

Me: Omg really are u serious?!?!

Hannah: Of course I'm serious why would I joke about that u know I love him too

Me: Ok sorry but I'm in like shock right now I'm so excited

Hannah: Hold up I never invited you

Me: What!👿

Hannah: I'm just kidding calm down of course I'm inviting you

Me: Oh good I was about to say any way what time is the concert?

Hannah: 6:00pm tonight so I'll come over around 5:00 ok so be ready!

Me: alright see u then bye

Hannah: bye

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