Justin's girlfriend

Have u ever wondered what it would be to be Justin biebers girlfriend? Well u will find out if u read this story����


3. The concert

It was already 4:30 I realized I had to get ready so I put on this (http://www.polyvore.com/concert/set?id=174343087) when I was done with everything I heard the doorbell ring I went downstairs and looked out the widow to see Hannah's car so I opened the door she walked in and sat on the couch

Hannah: are u ready?

It was 5:30 already so we had to get going

Me: yeah I just Got to go upstairs to get my purse

Hannah: ok hurry up!

I ran up the stairs and got my purse that was laying on my bed and headed back down stairs to goi

Me: ok I'm ready now we can leave

She looked at me then walked to the front door to her car I was right behind her she got in the drivers seat and I got in the passenger seat then she drove to the arena which was about like 20 minutes away from my house

We finally arrived at the arena and there were so many girls outside screaming and crying waiting to get in we came just in time. The doors opened and we went in we gave our tickets to the front desk and we walked to our seats (which was front row)

Me: i can't wait until Justin comes out

Hannah: me too I'm so excited!!😁😁😀

Justin came out and started dancing and singing and while he was singing boyfriend he was looking at me I started freaking out but I calmed myself so Hannah wouldn't see but he just kept staring at me. The concert had ended and it was time to go home

Hannah: you ready to meet Justin Bieber!!!!!!

Hannah said so excited

Me: oh yeah I totally forgot about that

We went backstage and we waited in the line to take the pictures and meet him

It was our turn now so we went up to him and he smile once he saw me I started blousing then we huge him and took pictures he was super nice he even let Hannah kiss him on the Cheek she was freaking out it was so funny, it was time to go Hannah and I started walking away when I felt I. Hand grab my wrist to stop me I turned around and saw Justin looking at me with his hand on my wrist I was in shock I didn't even want to move but then he went up to me and told me and Hannah that we can go to his dressing room to wait for him while he finished the meet and greet then he whispered in my ear saying "see you there" I said ok then Hannah and I walk to the dressing room and waited

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