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Sirena Brooks is a girl that's not popular in school. She tries her best to fit in but it never works out. So whenever she tries to talk to her friends they would ignore her. Then one day a new student came along and in college everybody wants to be e new kids friend especially if their hot. Travis Mills came to my college and I just got ignored as usual. But Travis is different he noticed me.

What will happen with me and Travis now??


15. The Punishment!

While we were driving home I felt Travis's hand run up my shirt. I didn't want him doing this yet. I mean when we get home yeah but we're in the car right now!

"Babe what r u doing?" I questioned.

"Oh right you have your punishment coming when we get home I was just comforting u." Travis said as he kissed my neck and then stop.

But then his hand ended up on my thigh as I was driving. I just let it go and Oleg him keep it there. He then started to squeeze my leg as we came to a stop light.

I looked out the window and there were paparazzi all around us. They thought they were slick. So I drove the black Range Rover down our street and pulled right into Travis's garage. We closed the door and got out of the car and went straight to his room.

"You've been a very bad gurl!" Travis said as he pinned me up against the wall.

"Oh have I really daddy!" I answered.

"Yes and you need to be punished." He said as he slapped my ass.

He made me bend down and he started to pull my pants down and then he took my pants and threw them to the side and walked up the stairs as he was carrying me. He then closes the door and locked it and he sat on the bed and put me over his legs horizontally.

He took my panties off and the. He spanked me so hard that I moaned.

"OMG Fuck Daddy!"

I said as he spanked me 10 more times and then he kissed my ass and made me feel better. But I knew that the punishment wasn't over yet. It was to short to be over.

"Oh you like that I think I need to punish you the way that we would both like it!" Travis exclaimed to me.

"Yeah I think so." I said as I bit my bottom lip.

"But how will I do so! I guess we can figure that out now!" Travis said as he was thinking.

Then Travis pinned me on the bed with my legs by him and my arms up on the bed pinned down. I was waiting for Travis to handcuff me or something. I just wanted him already. He already had me punished if you think about it when we were at MTV cause we couldn't do anything. I just can't believe he's still making me wait like even longer now!

What was Travis gonna do?

Is he gonna fuck me?

What will happen now?!

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