Vans On๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘Œ

Sirena Brooks is a girl that's not popular in school. She tries her best to fit in but it never works out. So whenever she tries to talk to her friends they would ignore her. Then one day a new student came along and in college everybody wants to be e new kids friend especially if their hot. Travis Mills came to my college and I just got ignored as usual. But Travis is different he noticed me.

What will happen with me and Travis now??


6. Project Work๐Ÿ““โœ๏ธ๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽถ

So me and Travis are going to my house to work on the project today. But since he kissed me I don't even know what's going to happen when we do the writing process of the rap we have to do.

"Hey babe. I'm in front of your house!!" Travis text me.

"I'm not your babe and I'll come outside right now!!" I texted back.

I went outside and Travis came up behind me and picked me up. I don't know what he was doing this. He put me down and then he kissed me again. I pulled away instantly.

"What the fuck are you doing??" I questioned.

"Well I mean aren't we dating now?? Oh wait a minute u don't wanna date me right now!!" Travis explained.

"It's not that I don't wanna date u its just that I just met u and I don't really know u much yet. Maybe when we've known each other for a little longer we can maybe get to know each other as more than friends."I explained.

Then we walked into the house. We went straight to my room and sat on my bed. As we were sitting there I got a phone call. It was a random phone call from Miami,FL. I answered it.


"Yes hi is this Sirena Brooks."

"Yea y??"

"Well u actually have won a contest to go to LA but since u live there already u get to have it at your house."

"Have what at my house??"

"You know a party with Travis Mills the rapper"

"Wait Travis Mills. He's a new student at my school. Could u send me a picture of him please!!"

"Yes I just sent it."

I looked at the picture and it was Travis. I almost died I have a famous rapper in my house right now. What the fuck how did I win this.

"How did I win this??"

"It's for the video u entered for young and stupid with the kazoo project. Yes so u get to hang with Travis and u get to have his party hosted at your house."

"OMG thank u so much. I just can't believe that I won. Thank u so much." I hung up after that.

Travis came back in the room 10 minutes ago. I looked at him all sexy like. He did the same as I.

" what's that look for??" He asked.

"I know who u really are now. " I exclaimed.

"Oh do u now." He said as he got on top of me.

"Yep and I just can't believe that it's true."

"What's so true about me now??" He questioned sexy.

But anything he says is sexy.

"That ur a rapper and that ur fucking amazingly sexy." I bit my lip.

"Oh really. Can I say something about u now!'l he examined my body.

"Go right ahead." I whispered in his ear.

"Ur fucking sexy ma do need to have u. U need to be mine and only mine. I want u." Travis grinded on me.

"Oh yeah Travis I want u to. I need u too. Right here right now. But first let me lock the door so nobody walks in on us." I said and crawled over him.

I then crawled back on top of him and I made out with him. I had myself on top of penis and my lips were in line with his. They were so soft I could kiss them all day. We then started to remove clothing. He lost his jacket a while ago. So I took off his shirt and I went all in to kiss him again. Then he came back and he kissed me. But as I kissed him I had butterflies. They never went away. I always had them. I guess I know that I'm about to have sex with my idol for 13 years.

Travis then removed my shirt and then my pants. As he did so I removed his as well. I then noticed we had one shed of clothing left to take off. I was scared but happy. He took off my bra. I took off his boxers and revealed a long dick. He removed my panties. As he did that I was giving him a hand-job as I made out with him. Travis was enjoying it as was I. Then he said it:

"Baby are you ready??" He asked.

"I'm ready R u??"

"Yep condoms on. Let's do this."


"But sirena one thing."


"Can I fuck u with my vans on.

"Oh yes Travis please do."

So Travis left his vans on and so did I. As he entered me I let go a little moan. Then he started to go faster. I started to scream his name.

"Oh Travis yes oh my god yes. Fuck me"

"Yea u like that." Travis said as he went faster.

"OMG yes baby yes."

He stopped and he went slower. He was doing the grinding dance on me. I was so into this right now. I was enjoying every single moment of this sex with him.

We finished at around 10 at night. We laid in my bed for a while then we decided to go take a shower together. So we got in the shower and we made out as we were standing in the shower with each other front to front. Me and Travis made out and until we felt like we were all good. I got out and so did he. I blow dried his hair and made it look like it did before. Then I left my hair wet. I just put it into 2 French braids.

We then sat down and came up with the name of our song. The name of our song was gonna be 'Vans On'

What will the lyrics sound like??

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