Vans On๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘Œ

Sirena Brooks is a girl that's not popular in school. She tries her best to fit in but it never works out. So whenever she tries to talk to her friends they would ignore her. Then one day a new student came along and in college everybody wants to be e new kids friend especially if their hot. Travis Mills came to my college and I just got ignored as usual. But Travis is different he noticed me.

What will happen with me and Travis now??


3. My Best Friend LukeโœŒ๏ธโœจ๐Ÿ’ญ

Well it was 12:30 so that means lunch time.

I always go out of the campus to get lunch because o hate the school lunch. But I would catch up with some friends to have lunch. So today one of my newest friends Luke was coming to meet me to have lunch. But when I got there Travis was there. He was hanging out with the popular people. I was so glad he didn't notice me.

My outfit I was wearing was a pair of black booty shorts and a white lace crop top that showed my stomach a little. For my shoes and my backpack. I had my black and white vans on and my vans backpack. I also had my hair in beach waves with a backwards young favorites hat on. I had my skateboard to. My skateboard has a bunch of tattoos on it.

So it was 12:40 and Luke just got here. We sat down and we are and we talked a little bit. Reminding u we had more than an 1 hour for lunch. So now since we were done eating we were just having some coffee together when I get my named yelled out. Well it wasn't my name it was the name the popular kids called me. I didn't mind it but it was getting old.

"Hey Tomboy who's your new pimp daddy??" Veronica the bitch yelled.

I got up after she said about 6 times. I went over to there table and said:

"So I see u have a new guy every week now. Now who r u seeing Drew again. Or r u seeing my friend a Travis over here. Oh wait I know both at the same time. Yeah that's right I know ur little games. And I may be a tomboy but at least I know how to really fight!!" I exclaimed and then walked away.

But before I walked away Drew pulled me down and kissed me. I was shocked.

"See Ya after school right??" He asked.

"You will never see me after school??" I said and then walked away.

I sat back down by Luke and he said that we should go to skate park and waste our next 20 minutes we had. So we went to the skate park and Luke asked me:

"Sirena who's that guy that kissed u r u guys. Dating now??"

"No he's just the stupid dickhead popular jock in my classes and he just wants to get with me just to get in my pants!!" I exclaimed and just skated.

But then Luke stopped my skateboard and I went flying but I landed on his lap cause I fell forward and I fell on top of him. Luke looked into my dark baby blue eyes and kissed me. As he kissed me I felt weird but I was enjoying it somewhat. Anyways Luke was my best friend I don't want to hurt him.

What am I going to do??

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