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Sirena Brooks is a girl that's not popular in school. She tries her best to fit in but it never works out. So whenever she tries to talk to her friends they would ignore her. Then one day a new student came along and in college everybody wants to be e new kids friend especially if their hot. Travis Mills came to my college and I just got ignored as usual. But Travis is different he noticed me.

What will happen with me and Travis now??


14. MTV Ready!!

Travis was somewhere getting his leg worked out so that he could walk tonight without his arm around my shoulder tonight for the show. I was just  sitting down having a fashion designer helping me pick out what I was going to wear for the show tonight. I picked out a pair of black skinny jeans a white t-shirt with black sleeves  that's a crop top. Then some black van high-tops and a black choker and black earrings and lastly a black hat that had a dirty pig symbol on it.


Then Travis saw me with a dress on and he was staring and then I saw him and I stared back at him and acted all cute and shit and he wanted me to take the dress I was wearing with the Black heels I was wearing. But for everything I was trying on there I was able to take with me since nobody else was my size and didn't like the style I did so I got to take all of it and it was all skater girl stuff and some other things too. LOL


I just can't wait for Travis to be by me again. I just can't believe I'm his and only his and he wants the world to know that. He doesn't give 2 shits if they know or not. I love him and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him forever and ever. I love him and I can't wait to tell him how much it means to me to be his  girlfriend and his favorite fan in the world right now and the only girl on his mind. Well not his favorite fan but his favorite girl ever.


So now  had to pick out my makeup and hairstyle. It was around2:30 so we had to get ready now the show was starting at 4:30. So I got my hair and makeup done and I had a smokey eye going on and some eyeliner and mascara and my whole face on. Then I had some nude lipstick on. Since I didn't wanna go to much with my hair I just had the hairstylist take my hair and do some waves in it. They were doing it like we were getting married Travis couldn't see me until I was all done. And I couldn't see Travis until he was all done.


When we were done they blind folded us and we walked towards each other and then they took them off slowly. I opened my eyes and I saw Travis and just I was breathless. Travis saw me and his jaw just dropped. He was just shocked off how amazing I looked.


"OMG babe you look amazing!" Travis exclaimed.

"Me you're fucking sexy!" I replied back to him.

"Well thank you but you looking fucking sexy. I can't wait to see it on my floor." He whispered to me in my ear.

"Oh really!!" I exclaimed and winked at him.


So the show started and all we had to do was skateboard tricks and sing and then we had to do this stupid thing called bumper street. We had to take the bumper cars on the street and try not to hit the cars on the street with them.


I won. Travis said I had a punishment for it later coming my way. I was prepared for it. So, I saw Travis and I ran towards him since the show ended and I just kissed him right on his lips. I had lip stain on so my lipstick didn't come off lol.


I was so happy to be near Travis right now he smelt so good and he was fucking sexy right now like always. And I just couldn't deal with is sexiness right now. I just had to kiss him. He than picked me up and brought me to the car and he close the door and then he locked the doors and attacked my lips. Then Rob came out and said bro the show isn't over yet we have another hour.





The hour went by like nothing and we were done. Me and Travis said goodbye I got some pictures with Rob and Big and then we went home. I was so prepared for my punishment from Travis.









What will my punishment be??


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