Vans On๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘Œ

Sirena Brooks is a girl that's not popular in school. She tries her best to fit in but it never works out. So whenever she tries to talk to her friends they would ignore her. Then one day a new student came along and in college everybody wants to be e new kids friend especially if their hot. Travis Mills came to my college and I just got ignored as usual. But Travis is different he noticed me.

What will happen with me and Travis now??


5. Lunch Time๐Ÿ•๐Ÿน

Well it was 12:00 so that means lunch time. Now I'm going out to have lunch cause I hate the lunch in school. We have like an hour and a half for lunch. So I'm going to meet my ex boyfriend/best friend Luke to have lunch. Ever since we broke up we have been best friends.

Anyways when I got there I saw Veronica and Victoria the bitches there. Of course Travis was with them. But I was pissed off cause they are gonna make him hate me now. So I ran to the counter got our food and me and Luke are. Then of course when we finished eating they noticed I was there. I still had the same nickname too.

"Hey tomboy who's your new pimp daddy??" They yelled.

After they've said it more then 6 times I got up and walked over to them.

"You know what I may be a tomboy but at least I'm not a bitch like you two are. I might be weird and not like u and ride a skateboard. But that doesn't make me a mean person. It just makes me a better person then u. I have a heart unlike u. Ur hearts R just in love with motherfucking high heels and dresses and who ur gonna duck next!!" I exclaimed and walked away.

Before I walked away Travis got up and pulled me back and kissed me with passion.

He then stopped and we pulled away from each other.

"I'll see u after school right??" He questioned.

"Yeah u better have your shit for the project to!!" I exclaimed and went to the table where Luke was sitting all alone.

We decided to walk out and go to the skate park to skate. I just needed to skate before I had to go back to class. Anyways as we were driving there cause Luke had his car I was getting text messages from an unknown number. Then I started to get calls. So I decided to answer one of the calls.

"Hello? Who is this??"

"It's Travis don't j remember giving m your number!!"

"I remember my friends giving u my number cause I never did."

"Oh ok then."

"Well I gtg see u when we get to class or after school if u even come!!" I exclaimed and hung up.

After I gun up 5 minutes later I got a shirtless picture of Travis and he's muscular with tattoos everywhere. He then sent me a picture of him with his boxers on and only his boxers. I just died when I saw them. But I stayed chill about it and didn't let Luke notice.

I just had to get everything clear from my head. Like Travis kissing me . Me calling them niches which they really are. Luke not knowing what just happened in there. Luke not knowing that I still love him. Lastly I'm in love with Travis.

What will happen when me and Travis do the project now??

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