Cutting Loose

Max isn't your typical care free young adult. She is uptight and always follows the rules. She works full time and then goes home just to cook dinner, watch some tv and then goes to bed at 10:00. But one night she falls into her best friends request to go shopping one night in the city after work and thats when things start to change. Max runs into the tall dark and mysterious boy that she just can't help feel something different with.


1. A typical day

The alarm went off at 7:30 just like it did everyday. I was used to it by now. I rolled over and picked up my phone and turned off my alarm and then checked my messages: and like pretty much everyday, no one had texted me. I put my phone back on the bed side table then then stood up. I ran my hands through my hair to try to get the messy blonde hair out of my face, but it only fell back in place in front of my eyes. I walked over to the closet and pulled out an outfit for the day and then walked across the hall to the bathroom. I followed my daily routine of taking a shower, getting dress, doing my make up and hair, and leaving for work. 

I got into my car and started it up and turned the music up a little bit and then I drove to work. 

At the end of my work day I make my way back out to my car and started it up and then drove home. I parked behind my house and then walked around to the front and unlocked the door. My roommate and her boyfriend were on the couch watching tv. I smiled at them and walked upstairs to the kitchen. I looked in the fridge for food and eventually settled on just ordering a pizza. Once the pizza arrived I went upstairs to my room and opened up my laptop. "What should we watch today?" I muttered to myself as I scrolled though Netflix to try and find a movie to watch. "Lets go with a classic Disney film," I said as I settled on watching the Lion King and took a bite of my pizza. 

Once the movie was over I turned my laptop off and when downstairs to put the rest of the pizza in the fridge. Then I walked back upstairs and into the bathroom where I followed the same routine of washing my face and changing into my pajamas. After I was ready I laid down in bed. This was a typacal day for me. Simple, boring, but it was my life. And I wasn't about to change that. 

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