Vodoo Doll😈

Eva lives in Sydney Australia, and has a small family.

She then discovers something bad that has happened, that will forever change her life!

But then something good comes out of it...


10. 9: Soccer Fiasco⚽️

Eva's Story;

After the zoo, as we got home I went to my room and placed my giant penguin stuffed animal on my bed.

I just sat on my bed, then after s second I got a call from Luke.

"Hey Luke, what's up?" I said.


Luke's Story;

We finished ban rehearsals, and we're planning to preform a lot of new songs on our tour in a mouth, I haven't told Eva yet but she'll figure out.

I wish she can come to one of our concerts.

I'm not sure if she heard of us, probably not she just met us! I'm sure we can show her one of our songs, right?

Maybe I can call her and ask her if she wanted to hear us play.

I picked up my iPhone and called her.

"Hey Luke, what's up?" She said.

"Eva... I was thinking if you wanted to hear us play one of our songs-" I then got cut off.

"Wait, your in a band?!" She said shocked.

"Yeah, we're 5 seconds of summer." I explained.

"I like your band name, and sure I'd love to come." She said.

"Thanks, Micheal made it up though. Come to our house tomorrow." I said.

"Okay" she said.



I'm so excited to play in front of her, but she makes me feel so happy inside, she's such a good friend.

Eva's Story;

I'm so excited so hear them tomorrow!I can't wait to see them play.

I then got changed in some soccer gear, and went outside to play soccer. Soccer is my favourite sport, it's so amazing, I just can't quite it but I didn't want to be s full on soccer player. I just played by my self.

I tried to learn new tricks, but I always feel on my ass, like when I tried a bicycle kick.

"Shit" I cursed.

"Not so happy?" Michael said.

"You try and do this, it's so hard to do." I complained.

"That's what she said! Hahaha!" Michael chuckled.

I glared at him and he continued laughing.

"What's going on?" Calum said walking over to Michael.

"Come guys leap the fence and get over here." I said.

Calum and Michael jumped over and Michael landed on his ass.

"Haha, are you okay?" I said trying not to laugh.

I helped him up, and realized how tall they were.

"Damn, I'm so short!" I complained.

"But cute" Calum said.

I blushed more then ever, and looked down to hide my cheeks.

" You okay?" Calum asked.

I looked up trying to hide my cheeks.

"Heh, um.. Yeah!" I said in a high pitched voice. Shit, stop it Eva! Your embarrassing yourself!

Michael laughed so hard.

"W-What are you l-laughing about?!" I stuttered.

"Never mind haha."He said ending the awkwardness.

"So, do you want to play soccer?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure!" Calum said.

"Uh I'm not used to playing sports..." Michael admitted.

"At least try Mickey you'll do... Ok." I said trying to persuade him.

"Wow, thanks but I think I'm going to sit this one out." Micheal said sitting down on the swings.Holy shit he was huge on that swing!

I set a goalie net out of sticks, and put the ball in the middle.

"Mickey can you be the referee? Pleeeeeease." I begged.

"Finnne" Michael got up and walked towards us.

"Eva just to warn you, I don't think you should play I may hurt you."Calum said starting a fight.

I glared at him.

"I'm okay, Calum maybe you should back off because I'm going to sweep you off your ass!" I said back to him.

"Oh it's on!" We both said at the same time.

"Have fun, be fair, and try not to kill each other." Michael said.

He then slashed his hands in between us, starting the match.

I then swiped the ball with my right foot, and ran with the ball. Calum then took the ball away from me and dashed to my goal net.


Running after the ball I ran so fast my legs were literally controlling me, and I flew into the air, and then the grass went into my mouth.

"GOOOOOOOOOOOAL" They both said, not realizing I fell on the ground.

I got up and my whole body ached so badly.

"G-guys...." I said in pain.

"EVA!" They both shouted.

I then was picked up bridal style and I didn't know who it was, I didn't even care my whole body felt numb.


I then woke up from whatever it was, where am I?!

I opened my eyes they were a little blurry though. My eyes finally focused.

"Eva! Are you okay?!" A man voice questioned.

"Who are you?" I asked.

Two men was in the room one was asleep he had red bright hair, and was so white looking, like a vampire!

Then there was a man with dark brown hair with a blonde streak at the side. He looks kinda cute!

"What do you mean?!" The boy awake said.

WOOOOOAH SUCH A TWIST! Cliff hanger 😏 This chapter was a little interesting but just wait till the next chapter.- Vanessa xx

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