Vodoo Doll😈

Eva lives in Sydney Australia, and has a small family.

She then discovers something bad that has happened, that will forever change her life!

But then something good comes out of it...


9. 8: Zoo?!🌅

Gabe's Story;

I woke up early to go to the gym, I went there for about 2 hours, I'm trying to stay fit to get a summer body.

When I got back I unpacked my car, and I checked on Eva.

I opened the door and nobody was there, I looked at the bathroom light and heard the shower running.

She must be getting ready I guess.

I feel bad for Eva that Myles did that to my own sister! That little shit.

I wanted to give her a fun day, make her breakfast and maybe go to a carnival or a zoo. Australian zoo's are the best. They have really cool animals I really love the pandas there so adorable and intelligent.

I cracked some eggs, made bacon and of course her favourite, pancakes.

I heard footsteps coming towards the table I looked up and saw Eva.

"Wow!" She said astonished.

"I felt really bad for what happened, and I was in the mood to make breakfast sooo.. yeah" I admitted.

" Thanks Gabe!" She said as she sat at the table.

" Your welcome" I said

I went into the fridge and got some orange juice and some glass cups, and poured the juice in.

I placed it on the table for Eva and I and I told her the plans for today.

Eva's Story;

Wow, I didn't know Gabe could cook this good! I'm really excited for today, I'm looking forward to going to a zoo. I feel bad that Gabe is doing this for me but, I wish he was like this everyday, though I don't want him to spend a lot.

Oh well!

After breakfast I went outside I brung my phone also and read a book called "Paper Towns" it's a very good. It's really long though, it has a lot of cliff hangers.I sat in the backyard on the old swings, it was there sense I was a child. Ahh memories.

~Hours later~

"Eva time to go!" My brother shouted.

"Okay, coming!" I said.

I grabbed my book and I put my phone on top.I slid the screen door open and I went upstairs I grabbed my purse, and put my book away.

I grabbed the keys to the house, went outside and locked the door.

"Hop in" Gabe said.

I opened the door and went to the passengers seat.Then we drove off to the zoo!

A few minutes later we arrived at the zoo, not much people where there but it's better not crowed.

We walked to the lizards first and took pictures. I held a huge lizard it was so heavy I thought I was going to drop the thing!

After that we went to see sea creatures, insects, and then the mammals, we FINALLY got to the pandas and took a bunch of pictures.

My camera roll was full with animal pictures.We got hungry and went to eat.I had pizza, and he got a burger and fries.

" Thanks Gabe this was so fun" I said.

" No problem" He said.

I snatched a fry from Gabe.

"Hey! Haha" He chuckled

We both laughed and talked. After we ordered frozen yogurt looked around, we then came across a gift shop.

I saw a huge stuffed fluffy penguin!

"Gabe! Come see this, I have to get it!" I said.

"Eva your so dumb" He laughed.

"I guess you have to deal with me!" I giggled.

I bought the huge penguin, and I we were out the door. It was $30! Jeez, but it was so worth it.

After awhile we headed home.

We pulled up on our drive way. I unlocked the door and we went inside. Today was so much fun with Gabe, I hope we do this again next time I want Mom to come! I miss her so much so does Gabe.

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