Vodoo Doll😈

Eva lives in Sydney Australia, and has a small family.

She then discovers something bad that has happened, that will forever change her life!

But then something good comes out of it...


6. 5: New Neighbours😏

Eva's Story;

Gabe let me stay home from school for the rest of the school days until summer.

I sobbed into my pillow for hours but I just ended being miserable.

I listened to green day, and my chemical romance for the past 40 minutes, then I just got bored and went outside to play soccer.

I can be lazy but sometimes I just can be active!

~A few minutes later~


I heard big trucks come up on the sold neighbours house beside me. I guess we have new neighbours now! I can use more company this summer my friends live a little farther and I don't have a car so we don't hang out a lot.

Thank god I can have more friends around here!

I continued playing more soccer just outside my backyard that the new neighbours were next to.

" Oh hey, I didn't know you played soccer!" A man voice said.

I faced the voice and saw a brown haired guy with a streaked blonde at the tip handsome brown eyes stared at me. His face looked so cute!

" Yeah I used to" I responded.

" You must be the new neighbour!" I said greeting him

"Actually, I'm one of them, my mates are packing in to the house I just figured to look around, there's 4 of them."He said.

"What's your name, boy?" I smirked by calling him boy.

"Well I'm a man not a boy," We both laughed.

" My name is Calum, yours?" Calum questioned.

" I'm Eva, glad to meet you Calum." I said as I put out my hand.

We both shook hands and he smiled at me with a cute smile...that smile man, he's so cute! I did the same back.

"Calum get over here and help! Stop stalking that girl!" A man said, I could see him above Calums head. He had dirty blonde hair quifted , tall and with bright blue eyes. Wow these neighbours are good looking! Puberty pounded them hard!

I blushed.

"Sorry I have to go." Calum said with a frown.

"See you around, Calum" I said.

"Bye- uh Evi!" He said. I chuckled,

" It's Eva!" I shouted before him walking away.

He turned around embarrassed.

" Oh, sorry! Bye Eva haha" He corrected.

With that he left. Did I just discover love at first sight..? That's crazy.

My heart started beating.

Let me just wait for the right one, first I need to get to know them all first.

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