Vodoo Doll😈

Eva lives in Sydney Australia, and has a small family.

She then discovers something bad that has happened, that will forever change her life!

But then something good comes out of it...


5. 4: Kidnapped?!💀

Myles Story;

I wanted Eva even more.. I always loved her she's so amazing but I never learned how I could show her.

I may have stalked her but I just love the energy of being around her.

I had a plan to get her attention and attract her.

I had to be mysterious and sexy. Sending her to the bleachers at the football field was a great idea! Just her falling for me was all I wanted.

I quickly wrote on a piece of paper a love note a little before lunch for Eva.


It's time.

I grabbed the note, folded it and dashed to her table and "ACDENTILY" dropped the love note.

I hid be hide the big trash can and waited for her response.

"HA!Claudia, look at this!" Nadia said.

I made a fist. I can't believe there laughing at ME!

I'll show her whose a real man.

Eva's Story;

I opened my eyes, but everything was so blurry.

"Wakey, wakey babe!" A familiar voice said.

I rubbed my eyes. My head hurt so badly, what happened?! WAIT DID I GET KIDNAPPED?!

"Hey babe"

"Who are y-" I got cut off as someone kissed my lips.I couldn't push them off. My vision was cleared.

I looked at the mysterious figure and saw that it was


He pinned me down on a hard bench.

" Thanks for coming to the bleachers Eva." He sickly said

I tried to pull away but he was too strong.

" Don't be fuzzy there darling, your safe with me babe"

"GET AWAY FROM ME!!" I screeched.

As with that I remembered I took soccer for a few years, so I kicked him in the balls!

"URGGGGH!!!!" He yelled.


I ran as fast as I could, I didn't see anyone in the halls school must have been over. Wow I got knocked out pretty hard!

I rushed to see Gabe waiting outside.

"WERE HAVE YOU'VE BEEN?!" He yelled.


And with that we drove home.I explained Gabe why I was late he said he'd knock the soul out of him! I wish that was allowed to.

Finally we returned home. Mom left a paper on the counter top.

" Sorry guys my boss said I have to go to a business trip, it doesn't invole boats, planes, and trains don't worry I'll be fine. Don't plan any parties or get in trouble! Gabe is in charge. I'll be back in 3 weeks.Text me! I love you guys stay safe❤️" it wrote

After I rushed to my room I hid back the tears from Mlyes. THAT F***ER!


I sobbed in my pillow. For hours.

Gabe came upstairs to convert me. Good thing that he actually cared about one of my real stories.

Guys I hoped you loved this chapter as much as I did!! I'll be updating more soon😘-Vanessa xx

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